Dead Space 3 Teased in DS2

Dead Space 2 is due to release in less than two weeks and EA has been pulling out all the stops to advertise it’s impending launch by releasing trailers, viral marketing through Facebook or releasing Dead Space costumes as paid DLC for it’s free-to-play franchise Battlefield Heroes. Whether EA anticipated this or not, GameInformer and Metacritic have “teamed up” to bring you a tease for a tease of Dead Space 3.

For more info and to see the full image, hit the link.

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Organization XII2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Already EA with the milking machine?? I thought the milking award have gone to activision.

Anyways Cant wait to fucking rip out some scary weird bloody shit that lives on a dead space..... yup dead space 2...yes im high

Headquarters112933d ago

Dead Space 2 looks meh. They should've changed the setting instead of putting you in another ship. Not buying. The beta didn't help either.

hankmoody2933d ago

Not a ship buddy, it's a space station of sorts. Or more of a space city.

karl2933d ago

=S dead space can be milked and i dont give a fuck... as long as the quality is high

mikeh09182933d ago

Wow, when I saw the article heading I thought to myself "Oh great someones gonna use the word 'milking' again". Lo and behold, the first comment is about milking. HAHA, but it will still be awesome.

Mmmkay2933d ago

dead space was 2008...
i guess 3 years apart ain¨t enough for you...

Kamikaze1352933d ago

Nice spoiler there....would have been nice to see this and have it be totally unexpected.

Shackdaddy8362933d ago

I know. I hate when this stuff happens. Its so much more entertaining to figure it out yourself.

Quagmire2933d ago

Well, i presumed it was obvious that EA was willing to make as many Dead Space games as they can, and that each game will follow on to another through twists in story ends.

VenomProject2933d ago

Um, does no one remember that EA planned Dead Space to be a series?

This was mentioned when the first Dead Space released. They've got books, movies and sequels planned.

jaz350z2933d ago

A series can consist of 2.
What's your point?

VenomProject2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

My point is that EA specifically told the Redwood Shores team that the games would span through at LEAST a trilogy.

In fact, I think it was the GameInformer issue that premiered the first Dead Space that mentioned this.

karl2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

movies? really?

i have been expecting something alien like for years..

that sounds really awesome

confirm plz

colonel1792933d ago

Why the hell would GameInformer write that in the review, and why the hell would Metacritic put that in the quotes? That's a HUGE Spoiler (well, it is expected to be a 3rd judging from the success of the franchise) but at least let players discover it when they get the game.

Fcuking journalists, they don't give a change to gaming anymore. What's next, put the ending in their "First hands on" articles after a game being announced?

Mmmkay2933d ago

there will be another james bond movie.

colonel1792933d ago

damn you kay! Totally unexpected! o_O

Gen0ne2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Huh... I would've like to have found that out for myself. Thanks for telling me ahead of time shmucks.


Edit: Alright alright, I understand the disagrees. No argument. I did know that EA always wanted to make it a series. But I didn't know that this game made enough sales and garnered that much attention to warrant a 3rd and that they're making it as we speak. That's all. Just letting you know where I'm coming from. I agree with you.

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The story is too old to be commented.