Custom Firmware Released For PS3: What it Means for Norfolk & Everywhere Else

Examiner: Sony has had a longstanding policy against anti-piracy. As a matter of fact, at the time of writing this article, Sony is already headed to the courts to try to get distribution of the custom firmware halted. The new firmware also allows for one of Sony’s original heavily marketed features that was taken away in an update: to install an alternate operating system. This was also listed as the biggest motivator behind the hack.

The point of this article however, is not to discuss the how to, legalities or moralities of custom firmware and/or pirating, but how the custom firmware release affects the Norfolk area gamers and community as a whole

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thebudgetgamer2929d ago

"10°[pending]8m agoOpinion piece 0 Custom Firmware Released For PS3: What it Means for Norfolk & Everywhere Else"

more of the same articles were nothimg new is stated?

it's wide open, we know.

GSpartan7772928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Yeah seriously, do we really need another one of these article? Just as the whole Sony law suit thing is about to die down and more interesting news is coming out we get another site looking for hits to get people argue that homebrew ==piracy and the others scream.

Nitrowolf22929d ago

"There are nearly 300 registered sex offenders in Norfolk alone and with tourism and many vocations in the greater Norfolk area that allow for a lot of traveling, one can just imagine how many more pedophiles and other sex offenders are still lurking out there. The custom firmware can potentially aid in getting more of these offenders off the streets of Hampton Roads."

Is this part a joke? cause if they were trying to make a valid point why CFW is good, that is perhaps one of the dumbest reasons i have ever heard

Dipso2928d ago

So the removal of other OS has resulted in an upsurge in paedophiles and sex offenders?! I can see the headline "How homebrew saved me from the Peedo Parish Priest!"

N4G the home of quality journalism..what a silly t*at.

xino2928d ago

So Sony is working or supporting the Peadophiles now!
Cuz I hear so many news on paedos abusing and luring kids on Xbox Live. Makes sense! Because it explains why Xbox fanboys here always report articles to do with ps3 pirate and not giving a damn if Sony removed the OtherOS because they want paedos to abuse kids, yet Kinect hacks instantly gets approved.

Sony can't do sh* with hacked ps3! All they can do is detect you running it on console and ban your console.

It doesn't matter if games get pirated, loyals will still happily pay developers and publishers their monthly gaming bills! I don't even have most games out yet and they've sold millions without me and many others! Halo Reach and Halo games were gang banged pirated and it still sold MILLIONS!

Bad Company 2 was the most pirated game on PC and yet it sold well, STILL publishers are taking the risk to make PC games for trash PC. (i dislike PC gamers)

Loyalist are just jealous because they have bills to pay and "YOU" get the game for free. Also noting that these Loyalist don't even want you to rent games O_o, they want you to pay $60 nearly third of $100 just for a game with 4hrs single player, no multiplayer, glitched game etc. I don't think so son!

I myself I've never pirated a game, though I did it for Dreamcast when it was dead. But I support Hacking! XBMC for the win!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!
please debut at GDC 2011:(

yewles12928d ago

"Loyalist are just jealous because they have bills to pay and "YOU" get the game for free."


"Loyalist don't even want you to rent games"

I feel sorry for anyone that believes the crap you just typed here. -_-'