How Rock Band taught me I'm allowed to sing

Rock Band may not make you a great singer by itself, but for one gamer it opened the door to another world of musicianship.

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RockYou3024d ago

your mom opened the door to another world of musicianship.

TheLastGuardian3023d ago

Haha, I was just singing in Rock Band a few minutes ago. I didn't know how well I could sing until I tried it in Rock Band. I'm good at guitar and keyboard but I'm best at singing. I can get 95%+ on almost any song singing on expert. Rock Band is so fun.

thebudgetgamer3024d ago

i love singing helter skelter, but i stink something awful. i don't give a crap it's fun. especially with some friends, and other things or thing i guess.

choadley3024d ago

I like games that help build confidence.

WhiteNoise3023d ago


If the only child of a writer had attentive parents instead of video games to raise him he may have developed basic social skills and self confidence earlier...

At least singing is constructive, other kids let it out on XBL...

Jamegohanssj53024d ago

Well I didn't think I had a voice until my Aunt heard me singing.


Redempteur3023d ago

i don't have a good singing voice but i feel no shame singing when my friends are playing.

a very good thing this RB