Confirmed: Sledgehammer making the next Call of Duty

A job listing for Sledgehammer Games has seemingly confirmed that the next Call of Duty game, due for release later this year, will be developed by the new studio.

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Balt 3850d ago

It will never end. It's like Star Trek, Bonanza or Jersey Shore. It just goes on and on and on.

RSPproductionz3850d ago


saladthieves3850d ago

This is why I exactly stopped buying Call of Duty games. After Call of Duty 4, the innovation was just empty...nothing new. MW2 was a bit of an improvement but not that different. Black Ops is broken. I agree with their business model of how to sell a game product, but not how they treat their loyal fans by ripping them off with expensive maps. The thing is now players are like meth addicts. Give them an introduction and they will keep coming for more, regardless of how bad/good it is. This is just my humble opinion, nothing more!

Well, it looks like Bobby at Activision looked at Treyarch and said: "Okay you guys, you've had too much playtime with the magic wand. Time to move on with fresh guys."

blitz06233850d ago

Later this year? Are you kidding me? Bah I wouldn't be surprised if it sells a ton again. All those CoD lovers are gonna buy it as usual.

HolyOrangeCows3850d ago

I give up. I can't believe I managed to get swept up into the Black Ops hype. "They rebalanced the multiplayer!" "10/10!" "Spectacular campaign!" ....all lies and crap. Game journalists should be ashamed of themselves.

I'll just stick to COD4 and stop even paying attention to any COD media.

jarrod19813850d ago

more people need to move to the battlefield games. they are so much better.

darksied3850d ago

Totally agree. And it's weird, whenever I mention Bad Company 2, for example, people kinda just blow it off and talk about Call of Duty, as if Battlefield's a joke. I don't get it, there's this whole feeling now in shooter "world" that Call of Duty is so much better than every shooter, which is just false. It might have some things better than other shooters, but I can name 10 things that are better in Bad Company 2.

The main thing CoD has going for it is this: everyone plays it because the people they know play it; and THEY play it because the people they know play it; i.e. everyone plays it.

Theonetheonly3850d ago

Im still waiting on Call of Duty PREHISTORIC warfare, seems like the developer fits the bill. sledgehammer/hammer of thor Wha?

stupidsillyomogingerkidsayswh at?

creamsoda3850d ago

Haha exactly what I was going to say. :)

shiner3850d ago

Not a tough gig really, just crap on a disk, smear COD in it and sell millions. Anybody could do it, its not like Sledgehammer could ruin the franchise.

Dysmorphic3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

So many hypocrites, so little time.

I'm sure everyone complaining about "another CoD" are the same people eagerly anticipating Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Elder Scrolls 5, Mass Effect 3, Resistance 3, MotorStorm 3 and Infamous 2.

Guess what?

They're all sequels, just like this next CoD will be. I doubt any of them are going to revolutionize their respective genres but people are still going gaga over them (myself included). A location swap, continuation of the established story and a few new weapons/cars is probably what we're gonna receive.

So, if you're inclined to "hate" on CoD for a lack of innovation, at least do the same for other franchises too.

No Way3850d ago

There's one problem with what you said.
All of them games, cept maybe Elder Scrolls, are 'true' sequels.
And, Motorstorm is a racing game. I don't quite compare them.

But, have the CoD's really had anything.. sequelish?
Not really anything that I've noticed..
Cept Modern Warfare did, I believee.

ravinash3850d ago

@ Dysmorphic

The other problem with your argument is that each of those sequels they have either improved the graphics or game play and people know what to expect because its coming from the same Dev.

With COD, it really is like a box of chocolates.

QUNE3850d ago

Just let it die then. Dont buy it. Don't support it. That simple. Or is it?

Dysmorphic3850d ago

@No Way: Just because CoD doesn't have true sequels doesn't mean it needs to play (or look) completely different from the previous one. It's a continuation of a franchise so it must feel familiar.

@ravinash: You contradicted yourself. You're arguing that CoD remains the same year in, year out but then say that it's "like a box of chocolates" because you never know what to expect.


Also, CoD does receive game and graphics update (at least with IW but there's a reason for that). For example, zombies, wager matches, titles/emblems, emblem editor, spec-ops, dead-ops etc.

I know it's hard to admit but Call Of Duty isn't nearly as bad as everyone attempts to make it out to be.

Spitfire_Riggz3850d ago


The difference is that those other sequels actually improve their games. They take there time to make sure its perfect/close to perfect (GT5 for example fifth game but compare it to black terms of improvement in all departments) The difference is these other guys take 2 or more years rather than every 11-12 months. Obviously just for money..

UnwanteDreamz3850d ago


Can we say "another glitchy, half finished, poorly supported COD game" and not be hypocrites?

juggulator3850d ago

This is why the founders of Infinity Ward left the company. They created the CoD franchise but Activision has allowed the game to be crapped on and annualized.For them it's like: Get CoD out in time for holiday release,make 3 really expensive DLC map packs for the game,move on to the next CoD game, rinse and repeat.

Millah3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

@Dysmorphic Don't even bother, its pointless trying to argue with a rational, mature mindset on this website. All you need to know is that COD is the most popular series in the world, therefore its the shittiest. Don't forget, people on the internet (and this website especially) love to hate on the top dog and cheer for the underdog. It doesn't matter whether or not things like you said are actually fairly rational and mature, all that matters is that COD is highly successful therefore = crap.

They think that if a successful series doesn't reinvent the wheel with every single release, that it hasn't changed one bit. But they'll continue to praise sequels like Killzone 3 that in reality change their respective series just as much as COD has, and then cite minor subtle changes in order to argue that against you and call you a troll.

TheLastGuardian3850d ago

I like how everyone claims they hate CoD but these articles always get so heated. If you don't like CoD, why do you have to come here telling us about it? Everyone just stop coming to these articles. Don't even say the words Call of Duty and maybe it will start to die.

TheDeadMetalhead3850d ago

You'll all buy it again anyway.

BattleAxe3850d ago

I just traded in Black Ops, but I am interested to see what happens to Soap and Captain Price.

Dysmorphic3850d ago

@Spitfire_Riggz: Except Black Ops did refine the formula. It took out the overpowered killstreaks and perks, balanced each guns stats and added a bunch of extras on top of that. Plus, each CoD takes two years hence the multiple developers.

@UnwanteDreamz: I think the biggest glitch I've into is the lack of footstep sounds in BO. The rest of them - be it MW, MW2, WAW or BO - are caused by people hacking and you can't really fault Infinity Ward or Treyarch for that. It is the biggest game franchise on the planet.

It seems you just can't please everyone, especially people on this site. They add a bunch of stuff ala MW2 and it becomes an apparent noobfest; they take out some of that and instead refine the experience, it isn't different enough. Sheesh.

Zydake3849d ago

Isn't it a bit late to start developing a game that releases in a couple of months? I always thought back then Infinity Ward took 2 years for there CoD and Treyarc took there two years. Guess I was wrong.

Brewski0073849d ago

Man I hope someday, somewhere, somehow, We'll all see an article about call of duty and just not approve it.

pimpmaster3849d ago

CONFIRMED! im not buying another cod game ever.

Retro_Zombie3849d ago

Count me out but for those who still like COD, enjoy.

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deadreckoning6663850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

I like Star Trek...and I like Jersey Score. Btw, 23 and a half hours till T-SHIRT time!

@RSPproductionz- U gt a time machine? How u know it'll be shit?

Corepred43850d ago

lol wow... this site really hates jersey shore. if its not your kind of show understandable, but i know on here its mostly these kids going with the crowd making sure they call it gay and show how cool they are, lol. oh well.

RSPproductionz3850d ago

yeah i have a time machine and i also found out that your xbox will have collected a lot of dust by this time next year. when you go to put gears 3 into your dustbox it will explode causing you to look like 2faced from the dark night

DeadIIIRed3850d ago

@corepred4 In the immortal words of Randy Marsh, "Fu** you Jersey!" Nah, but seriously that show is terrible. Funny, but terrible.

Cenobia3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )


Seriously? Do you watch it to laugh at the people on the show? The people are despicable and have no redeeming qualities. It's like looking into some sort of all-douchebag alternate universe. I saw one episode and have trouble coming to grips with the fact that people like that even exist. The show is entirely about 'kids going with the crowd.'

Reality TV is terrible. If people stopped watching that crap maybe the good shows would stop getting canceled.

/overreaction after hearing Fringe might get cancelled

UnwanteDreamz3850d ago


I believe thet The Jersey Shore is one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse signaling the end of the world.

Have you ever seen Idiocracy?

Every year because of popular things like TJS the premise becomes more plausable.

Zydake3849d ago

I hate Jersey Shore mainly because when I'm with friends they blab on about that. And I've seen somewhere some pre-teens see the cast as role-models LOLOLOL

lveloria3849d ago

Hell yea Jersey Shore. Can't wait to see Jwwow beat down Sammy

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phatak3850d ago

I just hope this game doesnt earn a billion $ in revenue

lastdual3850d ago

I just hope Sledgehammer understands the concept of "pacing" better than Treyarch seems to.

Constant action, explosions and over-the-top scenes do not a good story make.

HornyHaggis3850d ago

Hrmmm.. do not a good story make, Yoda, I am.. hmmm.

TheLastGuardian3850d ago

I'm not buying the next CoD but for the sake of people who are I hope they know how to make a better game than Treyarch. Shitty cover and not telling you what the objective is really pissed me off in Black Ops.

jwk943849d ago

New studio hmm, maybe this one will be good, but i'll be playing uncharted 3, so i'll pass.

gamerzBEreal173850d ago

look at that list...why are u complainin? ohh nevermind i didnt see your username *facepalm*

Cheeseknight283850d ago

They've been asking for job applications for months now for the "next Call of Duty." This is not news.

Darth Stewie3850d ago

You forgot to add Law and Order to that list.

Kran3850d ago


Sorry. Thought we were having a sing off........

xAlmostPro3850d ago

They have a huge chance here(kinda) They need to stand up to activision and say "let us do what we want" and make sure it has dedicated servers on all platforms.

Chances are though, everyone will be like "omg a new developer COD's gonna be amazing!!" a month after purchase "why did i buy it, its just the same crap in a sparkling shell"..

im trading in all my cod games(excluding cod4, although i may switch to pc for this because its a hackfest on console atm)on the release of killzone 3..

because i cba playing cod anymore, its garbage. I'll be playing KZ3, homefront, brink, uncharted 3, resistance 3, socom 4, and probably some gears3 here n there at a friends(as i no longer have a 360)

COD doesn't deserve the support anymore, it was great but got ruined by complete greed on activisions part, and the fact that infinity ward/treyarch never stood up to them during development times

iLLMATICxKiNG3850d ago

It seems too soon for another CoD...
It's gonna turn out like sports games, which is just stupid..

But don't get me wrong, Treyarch did a hell of a lot better than IW.
Let's see what Sledgehammer can do!
Lego CoD FTW!

Christopher3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Oooh, when do we get Deep Space Duty?

Anyway, the last 3 years have only shown Activision that the right thing to do is keep making a new one every year. Each year they break their sales records with new CoDs, so don't see why they'd stop.

k-Lan3850d ago

I have no problem with Activision coming out with a new COD every year. If i don't want it, i won't buy it. Simple as that!

Would the same COD haters support a new Killzone or Uncharted every year? Damn right they would!

finbars753850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Wow old news.Thanks for the old update.I love Sledgehammer but not to sure about them doing MWF3.I mean they did make the first Deadspace but I feel like they dont have enough experience in this type of feild to pull it off.Maybe if they use a new engine and completely revamp the MP period then maybe I will be looking forward to it, but Its to bad a great studio has to try and fix a worn out franchise.You never know we might get surprised but I highy doubt it.I think they should wait 2 years before making a new one that way its done properly and everything works at 100%.

LiquifiedArt3850d ago will end

Buying COD every year will get played out. Its already losing traction amongst my friends.

chazjamie3850d ago

well said. i have had enough cod for a life time. That could explain why my BO experience was so ....lackluster. We could never get into the muliplayer. It felt old, therefore, the game was not fun at all (including zombies). I dont know what went wrong with BO, all that content. Yet, nothing enjoyable. Keep in mind, we played mw2 until the motion sickness turned into migranes. By october 2010 we were over it (and this is almost a year of playing it).

So with our gaming spirits down, BO was supposed to ignite the old feelings. But it didnt. It was not fun to play. On a much sadder note, i think this is the last time the group buys a cod game.

DlocDaBudSmoka3850d ago

bonanza? seriously? they havent re made that show. the others i agree with, bonanza not so much.

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SMOK3xFFx3850d ago

Yeah, forget that. I don't trust anyone with CoD accept the two studios that built it.

AKA3850d ago

only one did the otherone copy them
and the one that did only the name is there but the people is gone.

SMOK3xFFx3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Sure only IW is responsible for the first CoD but the series as a whole was built by both Treyarch and IW. I just don't want a CoD from some random first time studio.

awesomeperson3850d ago

Tbh I don't want COD at all.

I want them to maybe finish up the series stories and then GTFO. COD is way too overworked and overmilked, too bad what I want would never happen as long as millions of people flock to COD.

newhumanbreed3850d ago


Treyarch did not change anything up after each sequel. All they did was copy and paste. Infinity Ward kept building on the engine and adding way more things while Treyarch just copied it and set it into earlier wars. The only thing I've seen Treyarch add that is new is diving. That's about it.

SMOK3xFFx3850d ago


You miss Zombies in WaW, Wager matches in Black Ops, Cool little things like Dead Ops/Zork, Emblem editor, the "non-hardened game mode" introduced in CoD3?

Sure IW has done more with the series, but don't count Treyarch out.

Ravenor3850d ago

Can't we all agree that CoD Finest Hour, Big Red One and the Console only CoD 3 are clearly the classics of the franchise? Treyarch totally made quality before they started modding Infinity Ward games. /S

JeffGUNZ3850d ago

It seems impossible to please most of you. I hear "this series needs a reboot and something fresh" and now a new developer is creating their take on the game and now you cry about that. How about you give this studio a change to actually SEE what they can do before you throw them under the bus. You have seen nothing from this studio in regards to this game yet everyone already assumes they suck.

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gamerzBEreal173850d ago

really? they both give and take bro

Kran3850d ago

bet you said the sort of same thing when you learnt CoD3 was being made by Treyarch

xAlmostPro3850d ago

wtf is this the first game they're making? :|

i think activision should kill COD now, with black ops as the last. Support cod4/mw2/black ops just now by patching them ALL up, maybe add some better servers for cod4. Then spend 3-4 years creating a NEW fps game, use the same fast paced gameplay cod used to have(not so much in BO/mw2) and create something new, then only release it every 2 years. They could get both tryarch and sledhammer to work on it aswell.

Meh whats it matter what we say anyway, activision wilk milk it until it stops selling millions

JeffGUNZ3849d ago

That's actually a pretty good idea.

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Pandamobile3850d ago

Well, it's not like the series could get much worse at this point.

thebudgetgamer3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

you want to bet on that?

i'm sure someone said that exact same thing about tony hawk.