L.A. Noire Release Date "Coming Soon" reports: "Rockstar has just tweeted that we will be getting a confirmed release date for L.A. Noire "soon"."

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Speed-Racer2889d ago

WOOO about time, can;t wait for a date!

Speed-Racer2889d ago

I hope that's not some Amazon date you're estimating

IllusionRSN2889d ago

Yea, I hope early April. I bet it gets pushed back at least once, lol! (I hope not tho.)

Mmmkay2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )


AKA2889d ago

i hope the game is great and well done, it looks great and diferent so far.

off topic
but can anyone leak the real SOCOM 4 date? i will pay with love
i will love you for a day and send you virtual hugs
and if you cna leak multiplayer videos of it i will have virtual s3... with you.

AKA2889d ago

ok know leak some multiplayer gameplay and lets get nak3d

stylez842889d ago

Very nice! At least now we have a good idea for the release date (assuming no delays of course)

IllusionRSN2889d ago

Cross your finger for 0 delays. This game needs to be on time, or I think people could lose interest very fast cause it's not of a caliber like GTA.

VenomProject2889d ago

We should have release dates for release dates.

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The story is too old to be commented.