Time Warner, Bright House Cable still don't live stream ESPN3 to Xbox 360

Matt Swider of Gaming Target writes: "If I'm paying the same $60 a year for Xbox Live Gold that a Comcast, Verizon or AT&T U-Verse customer is paying, I too should be able to enjoy ESPN3's 3500-plus live events. It's only fair."

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ActionBastard2861d ago

It's odd that a bullet point for XBL isn't available to all its subscribers. So you pay for something you can't use?

Queasy2861d ago

This is something Microsoft and Xbox LIVE don't have any control over. You're talking about two third-party entities trying to work things about between themselves with Xbox LIVE caught in the middle.

ActionBastard2861d ago

If MS and XBL have no control over a service they are charging you for, why offer the service again?

AAACE52861d ago

I still don't get this!

Yestterday I looked at the site and found it said Time Warner was supported. So I tried it and it said It could not tell if my ISP was supported. It then asked for an access code.

I tried looking around on a few sites, but could not find anything with any answers.

I know i'll probably have to call TW or the ESPN number for answers, but it's not that important to me. I'll get to it when i'm bored.

gamingdroid2861d ago

"If MS and XBL have no control over a service they are charging you for, why offer the service again?"

I suppose you would rather MS not offer you the option of watching it if part of the community can't use it, right?

I mean, after all your internet service provider charges you for internet access, but you don't go complaining to your ISP when Netflix goes down do you?

Blaze9292861d ago

this is nothing new nor MS's fault. ESPN3 always had the list of supported ISPs even before the 360 announcement.

Although i do agree MS needs to introduce tiers for XBL. Why pay for stuff you dont/ cant use

SwiderMan2861d ago

No, this is (partly) Microsoft's fault because they need to DEAL! It's not like they don't have a hand in the negotiations. Am I right?

gamingdroid2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

This is a third party issue, and you weren't promised ESPN access when you bought your Gold subscription. It says in the fine print that it might not be available in all regions.

However, this in turns degenerates into a discussion of different features for different markets. It's like the Europeans complaining they don't get the same service as we do here in the US and they most likely pay the same!

This is exist across all services. I mean after all, I get different internet speed and offers in Southern California than I do in Northern California.

This of course ignores that Time Warner Cable (unfortunately, I use them, but heck wathever to avoid AT&T) is a third party. Take your complaints to TWC or just switch providers, problem solved!!!

I can't help, but feel like this is a complaint about not getting cell phone service, when one doesn't have a cell phone capable of receiving the signal!!!

SwiderMan2860d ago

#1 You act as if Microsoft has no leverage.

#2 You say "just switch providers" ....ummm Cable companies have monopolies in most areas that I have lived in in the United States.

gamingdroid2860d ago

"#1 You act as if Microsoft has no leverage. "

They do, but ultimately it is the ISP that makes the decision. Don't you think MS would want their hard work to reach as many people as possible?

They do want you paying for that Gold account, and MS already created the infrastructure for ESPN so it is a no brainer!

"#2 You say "just switch providers" ....ummm Cable companies have monopolies in most areas that I have lived in in the United States."

In almost every area I lived in the US, there is at least 2 providers unless you are in some rural areas. If you are you? Though luck, move somewhere else or suffer the consequences.

Otherwise, you should just take it up with your ISP, because MS didn't prevent you from getting access, YOUR ISP DID!!!

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FrigidDARKNESS2861d ago

my cable service is Time Warner but thank god my internet service is ATT. It has been a god send to have ESPN3 during the college bowl seen because i was able to watch most of those games in HI-DEF on the 360.

gamingdroid2860d ago

I got Time Warner Internet, despite the option to choose AT&T. AT&T is more expensive like $45/month for 3mbps line on their Uverse (fiber optics backbone) service. I pay $35/month for 10 mpbs on the same fiber optics backbone for $35/month.

Everywhere I have ever had AT&T DSL service, it sucked all over California. My cell phone service with them sucked balls and I just switched to T-Mobile (not much better if at all, in fact I think it might be worse, but hey I got a HTC HD7). Might just cave in and switch to Verizon despite the non GSM service.

After digressing, what I'm saying is I hate AT&T, sad I missed college bowl, but happy you did NOT!

testerg352861d ago

I have several 360s, but only one with xbox live gold and kid uses that strictly for gaming. Is ESPN an additional cost on top of gold?

AAACE52861d ago

ESPN is an added bonus of Gold. Basically, if you have Gold, you can access ESPN.

MS are trying to find ways to justify the price of a Gold membership. They are running several deals to try to get more people signed up for XBL including the family plan, which gives you 4 Gold memberships plus 2 free games for $100. Refer a friend, which gives you a game or points(can't remember) for getting a friend to sign up. and a couple other deals but I can't remember those either.

FrigidDARKNESS2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

no additional cost all.. if MS can do one more big splash add the NFL Network.

ddelella2861d ago

I have Time Warner in Cincinnati and it streams ESPN3 to my Xbox just fine. There does seem to be a shortage of programming but the connection works. I am not exactly sure what problems you are having. I do agree that having services like this are justification for Microsoft to raise XBL prices when not all customers will get access to that service. Personally I think the dashboard needs to be more customizable as far as what channels are available and the XBL prices should be a base plus al a carte for the other stuff. But I seriously doubt MS will go with this user friendly model.

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