Fight Night Champion Stamina Trailer

The latest video on Fight Night Champion on Stamina.

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Bigpappy2833d ago

I like the concept. Now release a demo for some testing of said concept.

ilikestuff2833d ago

agreed now add some move support and i wont wait until its 20$ to buy it

nevin12833d ago

Anyway, I would like a demo aswell. I have no confident that the this so call story mode will be good either.

Quagmire2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Are you serious? I was gonna get the game regardless, but now Im STOKED its got an interesting story mode. i will finishe that even before I start on multiplayer. Day 1, with or without Move support.

That_Genius2833d ago

Looks pretty awesome...definitely going to check it does your leg stamina go down though? I guess if your moving around a lot.

Smootherkuzz2833d ago

I hope they don't ruin the game with this stamina jazz,there is a thing called trying to do to much by adding new features and screwing up something that worked before the new additon.I think its going to be a great game,it does seem by the videos that they decreased the graphics a little seems more gritty and washed out looking rather then that smooth high color we saw in the the previous version but this is only internet video so we have to wait and see.It will be interesting to see what options that can be setup within the game this time around. I didn't care to much for the training of your boxer in the previous version seemed to much work for alittle progress, I hope this gets smoothed out.