A look at Kung Fu Live's skeleton tracking from the debug software

A look at Kung Fu LIVE's skeleton tracking from the debug software thanks go out to Teemu Mäki-Patola from virtualairguitar for sharing the video

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ApocalypseShadow4028d ago

definitely FULL BODY TRACKING.i bought the game day one.but i want move input.

what they need to perfect the code is to add head tracking and Move controller tracking.movement will be tracked better and attacks would be even more accurate.could even pull off a 3D sequel as they could add to the code how far away you are to the camera using the Move.

need more move action.

nix4028d ago

i agree dude.. this game with Move would have been so good. still funny to play this game with friends around though.. q;

offline multiplayer would be awesome.

marison4028d ago

By the look on this video, it seem with a little bit of lag. Is it bad when you're playing?

fr0sty4028d ago

I did a lag test yesterday and it responded well under a half of a second. i'd estimate a 100-200ms lag there. about on par with the best kinect has done so far.

YOUR-MUM4028d ago

This is not skeleton tracking it's pixel tracking. The same as the original ps eye with better camera. Move is great in its one thing but it will never be kinect. Same as kinect will never shine in some games the ay move will.

fr0sty4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

kinect tracks pixels too man. it just has Z depth pixels to track as well (though not as many of them, as it operates at half to one quarter (60-120fps) of the frame rate eye does.). this tech with move could pull off a very similar effect, as long as the eye could use move to know your exact distance from the camera at all times. it would improve it's already good accuracy even more.

siyrobbo4028d ago

just seems to draw an outline around the person, would have been impressive in 2002

Nicaragua4028d ago

well yeah, but thats all the game requires and it works. Theres nothing clever about using an overengineered solution to achieve something which can be done simpler.

siyrobbo4028d ago

i'd agree with you if the game was actually any good, but it really isn't

Nicaragua4028d ago

Thats besides the point. It functions as it was intended to, the collision detection works fine and the game recognises your moves.

Whether or not the resulting game is any good or not has nothing to do with this article, was not a point you originally raised, and has nothing to do with my response above.

Perkel4028d ago

if you look close it is full body tracking with arms legs etc and game knows when your hand is in front or back of body.

Masterchef20074028d ago

the tech seems to work well from the video

testerg354028d ago

Damn.. your neck will hurt after a few minutes.