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Through the most recent set of console wars, Killzone has played an important role. Thus far, it hasn't done much to sway gamers from investing in Halo, but it has been a significant morale booster. A banner around which the Sony fanboys can rally. The series has its problems, but it fulfills everything a console exclusive should. It's gorgeous, it's epic, and it's got a lot to offer.

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M-Easy2839d ago

"A banner around which the Sony fanboys can rally."

Stopped reading right there. That's a very professional way to start a preview and show no bias. /s


Trash Article... To Be Honest I dont Think Most 360 Fanboys realize how Great Killzone 2 was and just assume its a Halo Knock off... I dont think Killzone is ANYTHING LIKE HALO!!!! Resistance has more in common with Halo.

Bathyj2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Its not about rallying around a banner.

Its about playing awesome games and Killzone is definitely one of those. And do we have to keep bringing up Halo in KZ articles. You're only enticing PS3 fans to ridicule it.

Honestly, after seeing that last gameplay vid with the city sized walk spider mech, how can anyone still hate PS3?

awesomeperson2839d ago

I can't wait to verse that mech, would be so awesome to co-op it with a friend. I can't wait!!!

SuperbVillain2839d ago

The only people that can really HATE Sony at this point are hackers and fanboys of other means of gaming.Either that or mental retardation can be used as an excuse.I have always loved Sony,And I am loyal to them because they deliver to the fans and gamers.I always respected Xbox and what they have done,but Microsoft has to be one of the shittiest companies when it comes to actually delivering for their consumers.People are starting to realize this now,not just in gaming but as a whole company Microsoft has fallen behind a little i.e. lack of exclusives for box 360,Windows (Cause lets be honest Windows isn't what it used to be!) Ok sorry I type a lot.I know I'll get some disagrees and replies trying to prove how much of a moron I am,but it's just my overall opinion.Fuckit time to go shoot some bots on the Killzone 3 Beta add me - SuperDopetastic

ASTAROTH2839d ago

Man ... I saw the videos of Killzone 3 in the last episode of Qore. I was really amazed. To be sincere I really expected less. After seeing the screenshot comparison between KZ3 and Crisis 2, I conclude KZ3 looked better but after seeing it in motion I really dont know how blind and ignorant people can be comparing the two. Theres nothing shown so far in Crysis 2 that is more graphically astounding as the batle with that spider mech. Maybe Ill be wrong and in the end C2 will look better but so far its all KZ3.

People have high hopes for C2 to detrone KZ3 graphically but I really hope it end up looking just as good as KZ3... gameplaywise its all KILLZONE 3 baby!!

awesomeperson2839d ago

And now people can't bring up the b-b-but it only haz teh grey! Excuse, thankyou jungle (from the limited amount of it we have seen it looks great) and the snowy sequences (which just look awesome).

I loved the mission where you were onboard the space craft in KZ2, where it crashed later on in the mission and _____ was killed. I hope the space mission in KZ3 will be even awesomer, I'm sure they will be :D

RememberThe3572839d ago

This isn't really a preview at all. It's just a guy talking about the bullet points at all. It doesn't even sound like he's played the game yet... In a preview I want to hear about how the games is playing, how the graphics look, and if the new features add anything to the experience.

This was a completely pointless article. Don't waist your time.

ps3360games2839d ago

it says

Killzone 3 has a lot going for it so far. The series has been steadily ramping up over the last five years, and Guerrilla Games has steadily become a more and more capable game developer. At this point, we're excited to see what they're capable of. If the environments open up a bit, and the color palette offers a break from brown, then I think I'll personally be laying my money down come February 22.

ASTAROTH2839d ago

First it was grey now its brown...LOL how pathetic. We are in war boy!!! No time for taking care of the flowers!! Were focusing on the enemy. If you want brigth colors, but no fkng sense of war go play REACH. If you want lush jungles go play DKC RETURNS. If you want a realistic and depressive setting of war (in a good way that is). . . visit Helghan my men. . . you cant spend 15 seconds without shooting in this paradise of a planet. LOL!! I WANT KZ 3 RIGTH NOW!!!!!!!!!!

AK462839d ago

When was GG, not a capable developer?

The 1st Killzone was ahead of it's time, The PS2 processors couldn't handle KZ game engine 100% effectively. While the game was good, but it could been great. Not Guerrilla's fault though, like I mentioned the Game was ahead of it's time.

Killzone2, absolutely Love it. After playing this game and telling their not really capable developers yet? Is desperate for attention, and shouldn't been taken seriously.

Killzone3??? Never played the final build yet, but played the beta and thought it was awesome especially the feel of the meelee attack, most will love it.

Dude_2839d ago

Have you played Black on PS2?

And I believe it could 've handled a tad bit better AI, as well as not so generic level design.

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