Qriocity trumps Zune but can it beat iPod?

SarcasticGamer - Sony’s Qriocity has already met respectable respect in the UK since its beta debut, offering subscribers access to almost any song ever made for a fairly modest monthly subscription. At CES over the weekend, I had the chance to test it out on both the PSP and the PS3 and it was immediately obvious that this service has a lot of potential.

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Godmars2902888d ago

But then we're not just talking about it being on home consoles. It'll also be available on phones and certainly the PSP2/PSPphone.

Doubt it can beat iPod, but it probably has a decent chance to come close.

ABizzel12888d ago

If they want to compete against iTunes and the iPod they need to make this a default Android app, like iTunes is for the iPhone and iPod touch, and expand the service from there.

WildArmed2888d ago


The market for iTunes (considering iTunes and Qriocity are both service) is much much bigger than Qriocity.
But since Qriocity is hitting where it's been barren land for quite awhile, it may actually make a small dent.

But only time will tell, majority of the consumers tend to stick w/ what they already know and not go out of their comfort zone.

Good luck 2 Qriocity.

darthv722888d ago

i seen it on my go and went to use it. "Coming soon"

"Trumps zune but can it beat ipod?" The zune trumps the ipod already. there are quite a few other devices that trump the ipod as well.

Ipod has mass market appeal but that doesnt mean its the best on the market.

MNicholas2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

The Zune is and always has been utterly mediocre.

I haven't tried Qriocity but, as much as I personally despise the itunes software and quicktime, the reality is that Apple's iPod/iPhone OS, which changed the world almost overnight, is by far the best one out there and the number of attempted knockoffs by everyone from Google to Samsung is testament to Apple's leadership in OS design and usability.

Sony has been trying to match Apple's design for ages and have repeatedly failed. If Sony can get enough connected Sony products users to actually use Qriocity (no one I know who has a Sony Blu-Ray with Qriocity actually uses it) it can do well. It starts with brand recognition.

Qriocity has a very long way to go before it can consider itself a household name.

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RememberThe3572888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I'm not a fan of iTune in general. I use Windows Media Player because I haven't really found a media player that I like for my music. Hopefully this will remedy my situation, it sounds like a cool idea.

Nice article BTW.

Perjoss2888d ago

i just wanna play some video games.

Bathyj2888d ago

"met respectable respect"?

Christopher2888d ago

It's a quantification of the quantity of respect, of course ;)

branchedout2888d ago

I was interested in the $8 a month tag until it said the music is played from the cloud. For that, I'd just rock Grooveshark.

I've got a Zune HD, and with Zune Pass, the convenience of thinking of a song I want to download and then just downloading it without a computer is great. Though, it's $15 a month.

If Qriocity let you download the songs to your computer , I'd be all over it!

gunnerforlife2888d ago

how about this make a zune account find all the tunes u want, go on youtube take the link and copy and paste it on lets say some youtube mp3 converter...

branchedout2888d ago

I like the draw of legal stuff.
It comes pre-done with appropriate ID3 tags, and album art. It also recommends me similar artist, through which I've found lots of great artists I've never heard of.

Plus, I can't be on my Zune HD and just download a song off youtube. I'd have to use my computer for it, plus I'd get sketchy audio quality.

BryanBegins2888d ago

Well recording youtube isn't illegal. I mean, the artists put their songs on this site themselves!! It's legal to record tv or the radio, so I guess it's legal to record Youtube.

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