SG Hands-On: Motorstorm Apocalypse 3D at CES 2011

SarcasticGamer - Ice level, volcano level, jungle level… Rinse and repeat. That was the previous Motorstorm game. While a great racer in its own right, the gimmicky levels didn’t do much for me. In Motorstorm Apocalypse, they’re discarding old video game tropes and, well, they’re basically using the new cliches. The only thing missing in this racer are Zombies for the cliche trifecta.

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-Mezzo-2836d ago

I am so excited about this game, Motor Storm 1 was my first ever game on PS3 and i played/enjoyed it for months to come, & i cannot wait to play this one.

MultiConsoleGamer2836d ago

Motor Storm is my favorite racing game of this generation.

DigitalRaptor2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Gameplay looks superb and graphics are a definite improvement over the previous games! I know this game is gonna be great, but something just isn't clicking in my mind that makes it a day one buy for me.

Maybe it's because I know I've gotta budget this year for games I'm awaiting more than MotorStorm. I will pick it up this year eventually.