Bethesda Says They’ve Been Consistent With Interplay Claims – Get Caught Lying

RipTen: The drama continues as the future of the Fallout MMO hangs in the balance. More legal documents have been poured over today and it looks as if Bethesda may have been caught with their pants down.

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RememberThe3572840d ago

Yeah, they got caught... I don't get why they have such a problem with this MMO. I must be missing something.

dkblackhawk502840d ago

I agree...wouldn't have happen if they were "consistent"

Christopher2840d ago

Does anyone actually read articles?

If the screenshots were submitted to the court in 2009, then the screenshots did not precede their claims to give them the right to make an MMO titled "Fallout" w/o any Fallout franchise elements.

So, essentially, they're saying the screenshots precede their comments when they don't. The screenshots were submitted as evidence to support the claims of both, but does not precede the agreement made by Bethesday and Interplay prior to the case.

Ausir2840d ago

Nobody is claiming that they precede any agreements. Bethesda stated that they only now made the claim that Interplay has no right to use any Fallout elements aside from the name in court because they had not known about Interplay's "infringements" (use of Fallout elements) before Interplay's recent public Fallout Online materials. Which is proven false by these screenshots.

Christopher2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Because concept art submitted for a court case are not infringements... but evidence...

The concept art wasn't released to the public to advertise a new game, it was in support of Interplay's claims for making a Fallout game.


seraphcaeli2840d ago

So how can they claim they didn't know Interplay was making a Fallout game set in the Fallout universe!? Like Interplay said - did they think they were going to make an online Poker game called Fallout? Get real.

jaredhart2840d ago

Save the Drama for Yo Mama.

VenomProject2840d ago

"Save the Drama for Yo Mama."


Kreyg2840d ago

Uh oh, here comes the sh*t storm!

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The story is too old to be commented.