One Day You Might Think 'Saints Row' without Thinking 'Grand Theft Auto'

Saints Row is the video game series many people think of, with good reason, as the premiere Grand Theft Auto imitator. In theory, they won't think of the next Saints Row that way.

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Bigpappy2927d ago

I already like "Saints Row". SR is all about turth wars and doing what ever it takes for the survival of the Saints. GTA is about surviving the tough streets urban areas of the US. They are not the same.

metsgaming2927d ago

saints row 2 was much better than gta4 so i think the saints row franchise will be my "GTA" replacement. Im much more excited for the next saints row than i am about the next gta.

Megaton2927d ago

Same. I had a lot more fun in SR2 with my friends than GTAIV.

darthv722927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

that is generally what happens when something captures the attention away from something more high profile.

For example, for years people would refer to a generalization of gaming as "playing your nintendo". Perhaps it was even "Atari" before that. And since it has moved up to the "Playstation" generation. Seen in tv shows and movies until.....

the 360 is now seen in more popular culture and capturing the attention away from something more high profile.

On topic: Saints row could be labeled a GTA wanna-be but in reality. It just wants to be saints row. There are many games with comparable scenarios and yet due to popular culture get branded as something elses knock off. Dante inferno is a great game and has been branded a GoW rip off. Maybe someday dante inferno will be looked on as just that...dante inferno.

Omegasyde2927d ago

Am I only one that noticed this:

when you cause alot of mayhem, then rotate the camera 360 degrees......Stuff resets instantly! blown up cars and bodies disappear. Pedestrians are still fleeing but he carnage/evidence is erased.

Atleast in GTA4 they would disspear after moving a block...other than that the story was great in SR 2.

xDaRkModEx2927d ago

@darthv72 My parents still call it Nintendo. lol...

Persistantthug2927d ago

I prefered GTA4 over Saints Row 2, and I eventually traded SR2 for Valkyria Chronicles with someone over Craigslist.

Great Deal because Valkyria Chronicles is great.

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gunnerforlife2927d ago

maybe its better then gta4 but compare it to the previous GTA and it dose not hold a candle to them!
hopefully Rockstar will get their groove back with the next outing.

Cajun Chicken2927d ago

Volition are a worthy developer.


they are but they need to stop effing with Red Faction and just remake the first! Cant wait till GTA:whatever and Saints Row 3!


After GTA4 came out i alerday forgot about GTA4 and picked saint row first.

Mmmkay2927d ago

i picked up sr2 after playing gta4 and the gfx and controls were so shit i just had to quit it...

R2D22927d ago

So you enjoyed going on dinner dates with gay men and having people call u every 10 minutes.

Well I guess your going to love the next GTA - washing your car, walking your dog, chating online on a fake computer in your game.

vickers5002927d ago

The controls in GTA4 were absolutely terrible. Your character felt like he was wearing a backpack full of bricks, and a ball & chain around his ankles. Not to mention the driving controls sucked complete @ss.

Saints Row 2 is MUCH better than GTAIV, and the only thing that GTA4 has over SR2, is graphics, which lets be honest here people, nobody plays a GTA game for the gfx.

Saints Row 2 is a better Grand Theft Auto game than GTA4.

Tormento2927d ago

Had a blast with 1 and 2 looking forward to SR3

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