The Gaming Vault: Review - Raskulls (XBLA)

Tony takes the time to review a charming little platformer that just showed up on the XBLA.

Setting, characters, Story, even the colors make the game what it is.

A good game with a simple premise. Run fast or die trying.

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RustyMagus2929d ago

Sweet, short and to the point. This made me want to buy Raskulls.

borisfett2929d ago

Tempted. I'm still not sure yet though.

MinionStarwind2929d ago

It's definitely a game that's up my alley. Simple, charming, full of humor and to the point.

You break block or you run fast. Sometimes you do both.

Least it's not SPACE MARINES again.

electricshadow2929d ago

Played the demo on my friend's 360, I loved it. Gameplay is simple, yet there can be a bit of strategy involved. If you're in the front, you have to break all the blocks and if you break the right ones, they can land on your opponent when they get to the area if you're lucky.