Bulletstorm: Killisode Episode #1

Pixel Enemy: With over 140 different killshots in Bulletstorm expect to see some crazy combos. The game drops 2.22.11. Pre-Order for your access to the Gears of War 3 beta, exclusively on Xbox 360.

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vanjad3023d ago

Realistic shooters aside (which I do like), this looks like just pure and awesome fun!

Let's just hope it's like that when we get our hands on it!

WhiteNoise3023d ago

Bulletstorm just keeps looking better by the day to me. The fact that it doesn't have competetive MP makes me even more interested. We really don't need another generic shooter and Bulletstorm looks like a breath of fresh FPS air.

Brink and Rage will keep the theme going in 2011...

Hopefully from now on the cookie cutter military games will get swept under the rug.

Kran3023d ago

awesome stuff :D Cant wait till next month!

RememberThe3573023d ago

This is looking like the year for shooters. And what a year it is looking to be...

mcstorm3023d ago

I cant wait for this game looking like its going to be my fps of the year.

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