The Quick-but-comprehensive Guide to Indiana Jones Video Games

John from NAGF writes: "I turn on BBC One after work – what’s this? Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? One of my favourite films and, in my opinion, THE best Indy film?? Get in! That’s my evening sorted.

"Then I felt depressed at how poorly Indiana Jones has translated over to consoles. After doing my research, I felt lower than Short Round. So, if you’re a big Indy fan, take a look at NAGF’s quick-but-comprehensive history of Indiana Jones video games:"

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Shackdaddy8363202d ago

I love Indiana Jones. Ever since I was 5 and my dad showed me IJ:Raiders of the Last Ark.

I would LOVE a good IJ game. It would be nice to see competition between it, tomb raider, and uncharted. There needs to be more of these types of games out there.

Baron793202d ago

Me too, the dude is my hero. My favorite IJ game is Greatest Adventures for SNES, covers the 3 original movies and is really fun. Wish we had a next gen IJ game to play.

simonm3202d ago

It would be a good way to revitalise a franchise that has been killed off in film.

NotAGF3202d ago

Diggin' out Yoda Stories tonight...

Mnemonic-DK3202d ago

The story in "Fate of Atlantis" is actually pretty good.

If only Spielberg had used that instead of the horrible abomination that was Indy 4.

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