3D and Gaming

The POW Block says "So there I sat, wondering if this was going to be like all the rest of the ones I had seen, wondering was this really going to be worth the extra money I dumped on this ticket. Then the screen lit up and there was no words that could easily describe what it was like to have this experience. At that point I realized that 3D movies of late are not like the cheesy day's of red and blue glasses with things flying out of the screen at you. Avatar in 3D IMAX was very different and changed the way the public looks at 3D movies."

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Andrew Wiggin3018d ago

I personally don't think 3D is going to be that big of a technological revolution. I think it's just a visual stimulant, but not an actual gameplay mechanic.

NosoleeToxin3018d ago

But does it flop again or become the new standard on the list of requirements for a game?

Andrew Wiggin3017d ago

Well the 3DS will make it a feature for the handheld market, but I don't think HD has become a real standard until 2010. How long will it take for 3D to become a standard if it even will?

Venatus-Deus3017d ago

@Andrew Wiggin

Every technology company is investing in it to push new products.

It’s being implemented in the majority of new games and films scheduled for 2011.

It’s already dropped in price by 50%

…. But you don’t think that it will be that big of a technological revolution?


HappyGaming3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

couple of years from now all TVs in stores will be 3D... especially when they make is so 2 people can watch 2 different 2D channels at the same time.

1 frame sent to one person
1 frame sent to the second person

60hz each person from a 120hz TV (wireless headphones will be needed)

The only way you can avoid upgrading 3D in the future is if you pop one of your eyes out now.

NosoleeToxin3018d ago

I'm looking forward to what they are going to do with the 3DS, but I'm still on the fence with it. Have to wait and see.

Andrew Wiggin3018d ago

Luckily the wait isn't going to be too long. I do plan to pick up a 3DS when it launches.

Perjoss3017d ago

I really want a 3DS on day 1 but im hearing horror stories of a £300 price tag for the UK. I will still probably get it as i cannot resist new gaming related purchases.

Hitster3018d ago

I haven't really played a game in 3D before, but I would have to believe that adding depth to a game would improve how the game would be played. Instead of seeing a enemy is so far ahead of you. A player can actually guage the depth of the character as they would in real life. Where this probably would be utilized the best would be in racing games or something like Starfox 64.
Yet, this is all speculatory and none of the advantages or disadvantages will really be known until the 3D generation hits.

NosoleeToxin3018d ago

I agree, can't wait to get my hands on star fox 64 3d either!!!

Andrew Wiggin3018d ago

I'm still not sure if it's just going to be a feature or not.

Caseydilla3018d ago

Thinking of depth I remember Sonic Unleashed and how shitty the camera views were for the platforming while you were a werehog... It fucking sucked. Would 3D would have helped?
I really have no idea, but hopefully it would have.

Andrew Wiggin3018d ago

I'm not sure if anything could have helped that.

Highlife3017d ago

I welcome 3d and new tech. Just hope it doesn't become a requirement but as an option I am all for it.

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