IGN: Dragon Age II: Everything You Need to Know

There are only a couple months until Dragon Age II hits store shelves, and I was lucky enough to play the Xbox 360 version for several hours. Rather than give you a play by play of what I did and essentially ruin five hours of the game for you, I figured it would be more useful if I covered the main topics fans want to know.

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Bigpappy2929d ago

I am glad that old lady is back. She was very helpful and loyal. I might even give her the meat this thime around to show ma appreciation. I will use a dwarf for that duty.

Looks like they vastly improved the textures for thr 360 version. Nice touch, but not a game braker for me. I completely enjoyed the first with the weak textures and only noticed when looking at comparisons on the net.

Blacktric2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"She was very helpful and loyal."

You mean Flemeth? Are you crazy? (SPOILERS) She is the Witch Of The Wilds who transfers her soul into her daughters' body to stay young. And when you confront her with the truth, she turns into a High Dragon and you are calling her loyal? Not to mention Morrigan also reveals her true motives at the end of the game before the ritual. She's just a power hungry supernatural b*tch, that's all.

Bigpappy2929d ago

Is that Flemeth? Oh my, those 360 textures were worst than I thought. I was thinking it was the old witch from the mages school. My bad. I didn't kill Felmeth either, but no meat for her, I am not even sure what the heck she is.

Blacktric2929d ago

Oh. You confused her with Wynne then? The funny thing is; she has the absolute same body shape as the other female companions. For an old woman, THAT's impressive :P. I agree with her being loyal though. She was in my party most of the time. She does a killer job as a healer but if you don't tinker with her tactics, she drains her mana far too quick.

SilverSlug2929d ago

Been playing the first game. So far I'm not a fan of the combat.

Neckbear2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Well, it's at least a little reassuring the combat now looks like the one of a Korean MMO instead of a Western MMO, but it's practically the same.


So much for the "lol linear sux ballz JRPGs ftl WRPGs ftw", huh, BioWare?

A fucking price drop before buying the game, it is!

However, I can't deny it doesn't looks half enjoyable.

jdktech20102929d ago

Looks great and put to bed a few fears of mine....glad I got that signature edition ordered and will be looking forward to March 8th....but first things first, I've got some aliens to kill in KZ3 and Bulletstorm

WhiteNoise2929d ago


I have the game pre-ordered, but I agree, it will be linear, have a $#!+ load of bugs, and have 20DLC packs. The day 1 game is only half a game. The only reason I pre-ordered was because an e-tailer screwed up the pricing and I got it for half price which they have to honour ;)

sonicsidewinder2929d ago

Half the price - Half the game!!!

You sir done good ;)

WhiteNoise2929d ago


Exactly my point, the price was right for it, anything more and I wouldn't have bothered.

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