We’ll lose out if gaming goes digital-only

Jack Turner at Which? Convo: Recently, Electronic Arts’ CEO John Riccitiello stated that revenue for game downloads will overtake traditional box copies in 2011. In my eyes this sets a worrying trend in which we’ll eventually lose out.

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greeneggsnsam2929d ago

I don't think I'd be too bothered. My Steam account is bulging already- in fact, I only have about 5 disc-based games for PC and I don't use the discs for any of them any more.

Kran2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

It's fine for PC people, but for console people... not so much.

I like to have a solid game case collection, rather than a pixelated collection. My game collection is like a stamp collection to someone else.

darthv722929d ago

it is a convenience that we all knew was coming. In fact the only thing I will actually lose out on is having to toss out packaging from buying a new game.

Steam is a fine example of how to do it right on the PC. XBL/PSN are a couple more good examples. It works...maybe not so much on their pricing works.

egidem2929d ago

I agree. My steam account just beefed up during the holidays. So many many good games. I couldn't resist.

techie2929d ago

I wonder if there'll ever be a day when it'd work for console's as well. I don't think the PSP GO was a good example, as you had to buy from the PSN store.

Maybe a console with different game stores? Like the PS3 has different movie stores - the PS store, but also LoveFilm, Hulu and Mubi. That might work for some competition in prices.

Or maybe a console made by a company that doesn't make games - like Apple.

darthv722929d ago

the Go is a good example. It perfectly symbolizes the simplicity of how the PS store should work. It should come as no surprise that if the new PSP2 does not have a physical media drive then we are really looking at a newer more robust version of the Go.

It isnt as bad as some would think. Biggest UMD. That is it really. In fact, have had one for almost a year, I havent bought a new umd game. I have 2 other PSP units (1000, 2000) and yet it is actually more convenient for me to buy my game on the store.

Then I can download it to my other units and all 3 can play the same game instead of only one being able to play the UMD at a time (except the Go of course). People dont want to give up the physical nature of things. It gives the perception that they have no control over things if it isnt something they can hold.

I do think there could be more up to date pricing structure. It does seem odd that physical games go on sale more than their digital counterparts. They go on sale from time to time but just not at the same frequency.

starcb262928d ago

How would collector's editions work?

ShadowJetX2928d ago

Well you'd get a package from the company that sold you the game, with an art book, soundtrack and what not, and a limited edition download card along with a special instruction booklet telling you how to play the game with a limited edition cover that would have been on the retail box.

Sounds lame huh.

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SKUD2929d ago

Can you return it and get your money back through digital copy?.

ngecenk2928d ago

not yet. but if digital content become a mainstream, there will be a law for such purchase.

Close_Second2928d ago

Yeah...ever heard of a demo or trial?

SKUD2928d ago

Not every game has a "demo" or "trial". Nice try though. For the record, I am not against DD. All I'm pointing out is that it lacks the basic retail consumer rules that physical copy games have.

CrzyFooL2929d ago

I disagree. I will miss box art however . . .

ThanatosDMC2929d ago

I actually throw away all my cases and store them all in 500 disk holder binder. So if my place burns down, i'll be grabbing that along with my laptop.

RevXM2929d ago

If its one of them with soft plastic pages...
Then you are ruining your discs.

techie2929d ago

If my place burns down I'll have to carry a huge chest of drawers full of games :/

ct032929d ago

If my place burns down, I'll just redownload everything from Steam.

ThanatosDMC2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

All blurays. So they're heavily scratch resistant and it's a very fat binder. I'm about halfway full. Now, i just hope no one breaks into my room and steals the damn thing. I would cry. I probably invested $800+ worth of games and movies and tv series.

^Same. I use steam and the PSN too. Gotta save the laptop especially for those pics and wink wink homemade vids.

ct032929d ago

Oh, you mean THOSE pics and vids. You just made me realize that if my place burned down, it would be a freaking disaster.

The Great Melon2928d ago

Ack.. You're one of those people. I never understood how there could be so many games without cases at used game stores. Throwing away the case is almost like destroying the game in my mind. I'm one of those people who rummage through the bins sliding out the best cover arts and trying to match them with the best cases and discs.

ThanatosDMC2928d ago

Yeah, i throw away all the papers too. I ran out of space and suddenly decided to do it a few months ago. I had almost four trash bags full of cases.

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StbI9902928d ago

Have yourself a digital room with library collection or also a digital shelf for digital cover art and so on, xD, even if you don't want to, digital process are the future, and with it may fall piracy, hope the ps2 have both digital so hardrive ala DS card.

MintBerryCrunch2929d ago

a positive could be no sales tax...thing is hard copy games are actually sold for $50 to retailers and then they add the other $10 to gain revenue on the inventory that they have in if PSN/XBLA decided to charge the same price when the retailer is taken out of the equation, then yes we would lose out and i feel like less games would be sold that future machines would need to have at least 500GB HDD's if this is the way the industry is heading

HOTA9X2929d ago

Psssh 1TB min (what they could do is give us free internet through our isp's for the download, id be happy with that :] )

josh143992929d ago

i don't mind digital downloads if they are cheaper like when steam have sales. when steam doesn't have sales it is overly expensive (example below)

the witcher 2 steam preorder price = £31.49
the witcher 2 GAME(retail preorder) price = £24.99

In the uk digital downloads are almost always more expensive apart from when the digital download sites have sales.

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