Impressive L.A Noire Fan Made Box Art

RockstarBase Writes: This is by no means an exact indication of how the final art will appear, it is definitely a valiant effort. We have all been waiting for the official Box Art of the detective thriller but have only received a place holder cover up until now.

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BigKev452835d ago

Where's the 360 version of the box art?

FailOverHero2835d ago

Maybe ask the ps3 fan that made these?

The_Count2835d ago

Wow big difference that would make...

A dvd case wih a white and green banner at the top.

FailOverHero2835d ago

L.A.M.E the boxart pictures

Kran2835d ago

I want that talent :(

Tikicobra2835d ago

This isn't that good. I know the website this came from and there are tons of WAY better L.A. Noire boxes there. In fact, this is pretty crappy by the site's standards.

The_Count2835d ago

I agree. The back of the caes are pretty good though.

Bounkass2835d ago

Oh yay, someone made a picture.. HOW in the WORLD is THIS news!?

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