2011: Predictions for the Year in Gaming

It's 2011, so let's look ahead to the year in gaming. Some of these predictions are serious. Others... not so much.

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Kran3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I predict Uncharted 3 will be the most popular game of 2011. Gears of War 3 will be close, but I honestly think it'll come second. CoD8 will be third, because I doubt many people will care of Call of Duty as they did the past 2 years.


Uhh get it right. I changed my username actually. You do get 1 free username change per account, so don't begin to accuse until you learn the facts. And I am not a fanboy of the 360. Why is it just because I own a 360, im classed as a fanboy?!!!

NexGen3018d ago

Kran /Clockback: you don't even own a ps3 and run a 360 only fansite. Stop pandering for bubbles.

Kran3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

So because I only have a 360 (and AGAIN, do I have to keep stating im getting a PS3 soon), Im not allowed to believe that Sony will be a success again this year?

And, I dont RUN a 360 site, I work for one, and before you think its JUST a 360 site, Nave360 has 2 sub sites, for iPhone and PC. We're thinking on a PS3 one someday. Stop trolling and leave me to my own personal opinions.

NexGen3018d ago

There's a reason you have multiple accounts and both have no bubs. It's because you're a phony and people don't want to hear your opinion. Stop pretending - its clear you're a biased fanboy by looking at your history on both accounts. Isn't it against the rules to have multi accounts anyways?

HeavenlySnipes3018d ago

Gears will sell millions (probably more than Uncharted because its the only good 360 game coming this year, the fanboys will use that as a way to claim its better)

Uncharted will sell millions

Killzone will sell millions (I hope people like it more, I love KZ2 but if they have to change the game to increase the fanbase I'm ok with it)

The Last Guardian won't do well because its no really known amongst casuals (probably get delayed anyway)

Infamous 2 will DOMINATE

Brewski0073018d ago

I agree. Although I think the last guardian will surprise as its getting more publicity than shadow of the colossus and ICO got in the run up, thus its garnering more attention from casual gamers. I think the sales still wont be anything near the other games you mention but it will do quite well and could definately be GOTY material.

I also think Resistance 3 is going to sell a massive amount. But depends on marketing. I think its coming out at a good time, around the time a new call of duty game which has a first time developer for the franchise at the helm, is coming out.
I think MOVE is going to be struggling somehow as it just doesnt add anything new to the table. But everything else sony has to offer should make up for that in bucket loads.
It'll be interesting to see what kinect does.

cochise3133018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

This year PS3 will definitely have a huge year, I think Kinect will continue to sell well also. I think both systems will have a price drop of $50.00. 3DS will donimate, and PSP2 will do pretty good number, but trail behind the 3DS. PS3 and 360 will continue to fight for 2nd place. Uncharted 3 and Gears of War will be the best games on both respective consoles. They'll both sell about6-7 million each. Uncharted 3 will probably win GOTY. We'll also see a new AC and COD. I think this years COD will not sell as well though.

vishant1013018d ago

i think gears will sell 2:1 compared to uncharted looking at past numbers

cochise3133018d ago

I don't think so. They're both sitting at around the same numbers right now. i think they'll be neck and neck. Uncharted has a huge buzz going right now.

KaiokenKid3018d ago

I dont think Move is gonna die out. Even if it dosent sell as well as Kinect, that dosent mean itll die out.

TroyAndAbed3018d ago

Not a single one of them predicted The Last Guardian as GOTY.

I find it hard to take them seriously now.

Dr-Zoidberg3018d ago

Well said, I thin it will be the most underrated game of the year

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