CVG: Prototype 2: Dissected

CVG: Despite its twisty narrative, Prototype's main asset was in devastating a sand-box Manhattan replica in as many monstrously destructive ways as possible.

When we dissect the Prototype 2 announcement trailer from the end of last year then, we're expecting a butcher's emporium of meat, blood and concrete to be at the fore.

In fact, why don't we start with that aspect of the game? Namely the mutant-laden, over-the-top action.

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Goldsack2834d ago not allowed nowadays.

christheredhead2834d ago

yah i know. im sure youve played and beaten protype 2 right? must have been a horrible experience for you.

truth of the matter is prototype wasn't the best game but it was a fun alternate experience to infamous. i felt like it could have been an amazing game had it been given more time and care. the superpowers were pretty cool but the execution was lacking. prototype 2 can be what prototype should have been a fun, sandbox like, open world, super hero experience. im hoping that they actually deliver this time around but we have yet to see anything really so judgement at this point would be pure speculation.

ReclusE2834d ago

I really enjoyed the first game. The story was good and the mini games were icing. If I were to venture a guess at 2 I would say it's more than likely going to be 90% of the original just new story.