DC Universe Online: Video shows character creation and super villain Queen B's dungeon

This video shows bits from the character creation process in DC Universe Online. Furthermore it shows a fight with female DC villain Queen B and her minions in the Hive dungeon. To watch the HD version of the Video, please follow the source.

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chriski3332888d ago

Damn I want this game but im not gonna pay 14.99 a month to play if only it was cheaper

WithMyLastBreath2888d ago

I hear ya on that one. Seems like a pretty fun game but I can't commit $15/month

Darkfiber2888d ago

I love these people who have never played an MMO in their lives complaining about monthly fees. Bioware is going to be in deep shit with The Old Republic since they are specifically targetting fans of single player RPGs.

$15 for an entire month of content is too much? As opposed to $60 for 8 hours of gameplay from a short linear game? Durrr think about it... That's like the price of a fast food "meal", once a month. Get over it.

Saryk2888d ago

Taking the family to the movies I could drop enough for all of a sub to a specific MMO. Griping about $14.99 is stupid if a person is going to play it, less that .50 cent a day.

VenomProject2888d ago

I've played countless MMOs, I still don't feel like paying a subscription fee.

Guild Wars 2 - delivering the "entire month of content" for no subscription fee on launch. :)

Darkfiber2888d ago

Yeah and they'll charge $40 for an expansion every few months. It works out to the same amount, what's the difference?

VenomProject2888d ago

"Yeah and they'll charge $40 for an expansion every few months. It works out to the same amount, what's the difference?"

The difference? It's optional, that's the difference. O_O

silvacrest2888d ago

expansions as well as content they deem worth paying for

free MMO's have to get revenue somehow, how else are the servers going to keep running/staff get paid etc?

@VenomProject, true, but like i said, if the expansions and content is not being bought the servers shut down

Darkfiber2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

It's only "optional" until you see all your friends leveling above you and your level is capped, or them exploring new zones and you are stuck in the old ones. Take WoW for example. Who plays that game and doesn't buy the expansions? About 2 people.

Also, subscription MMOs are usually updated with free content, balancing fixes and live events all the time. That = content in my books. Better to pay $15 for an entire month of content than $15 on some crappy 2 hour DLC. Besides, many people who play MMOs ONLY play that game. $15 a month means $60 every 4 months, meaning you are only spending as much on one game as you would buying a grand total of 3 games a year, big whoop. For the same price, you can have three 8 hour linear games that you'll play once and they'll collect dust on the shelf, or a game that is constantly updated and you can get literally thousands of hours worth of content from in the same 1 year timespan. No brainer if you ask me.

Also, I never said people shouldn't buy expansions for games like Guild Wars 2 (which isn't free to play, you still have to pay $50 for the game) I'm just saying that, on the surface it looks like a good deal, being able to play forever for free, but in reality they are getting just as much money from you selling expansions than they would by charging you monthly fees. They just get the money in a lump sum rather than in small, frequent payments, but it's the same damn thing, I don't know why no one realizes it :P

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