The bad sequel: How the Civilization series and I grew apart

Bitmob writes: Michael Socacoe, aka "Sullla," is a well-known member of Civilization communities CivFanatics and The Realms Beyond who's also worked with Firaxis during development of Civilization 4. He observes how online communities band around bad sequels to popular franchises through his own disillusionment with Civilization 5.

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illegalyouth2926d ago

Fascinating observation! Seems that even bad video games can be so seductive that a rabid fanbase will overlook flaws in favor of rallying behind a never-coming patch.

choadley2926d ago

Bad sequels are disheartening, especially if there's a competitive scene for a game. Since a bad sequel still brings in new players, it's almost impossible to go back to older games.

kwyjibo2926d ago

I hate it when people dress up opinion as fact, "Civ 5 is unquestionably a bad sequel", no it isn't.

What Civ V isn't, is Civ IV. So maybe the series is trying something new, and it diverges from your taste. So what, move on.

What would be more disappointing, is if they just did the same thing again. Yeah, you'd still like it, but what's the point?

RedDead2926d ago

ANyone see the comment on MGS4? I don't think I agree, it's not nearly as bad as he makes it out to be, I loved the previous Mgs' number 3 being my favourite, but MGS4 was great still.

Perjoss2926d ago

I loved MGS4, even the long cutscenes and I'm a gamer that had no clue what was going on (in the cutscenes, especially that last one) as I dont know the back story too well. But it was still a work of art for me.

JamesDeRosa2926d ago

Civ 5 has some major design flaws, that's for sure.

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