Yakuza 3 for 20 Bucks? Incredible Deal

This is the deal of the day for all PS3 gamers. Yakuza 3 which has kept its standard price of $59.99 since its release, has received a limited time offer of $20.49 with free shipping

**Update #2 vendor does have it for $20.49

Update**Just dropped an additional 5 bucks!

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deadreckoning6663020d ago

I got it for $40. Tons of replay value for that price. I've logged in 30 hours and I only have 11% completion.

VersusEM3018d ago

Would it be wise to just play the Yakuza 3 first if it's your first in the series?

Digitaldude3018d ago

Story is standalone really,you'll be fine.

ABizzel13018d ago

You can, but I advise if you have backwards compatibility to buy part 1 and 2 since they're both good as well.

Part 1I believe has an English dub if you don't like reading, but Part 2 is all Japanese. I stated part 2, and I'm going to get part 1 and start from the beginning.

Oh, I hope they bring out a Yakuza collection that would be great.

EL1TE3020d ago

You can buy Yakuza 3 Special Edition for 21€/15£ from Play:


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my last post was directed at you...sorry everybody for any confusion.

ForzaGT3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )


becoz its starting to come as a spam, which I don't need,

Desz3020d ago

Awesome game, awesome price!

OllieBoy3018d ago

$20 really is a great price.

They cut some things out, but it really doesn't feel like it. There are a miliion things you can do in this game.

Acquiescence3018d ago

most of the stuff SEGA cut out was necessary. Apart from the 20 or so side-missions they made disappear; that was totally uncalled for. But stuff like Shogi, Mahjong and the hostess clubs? I didn't miss it.

Acquiescence3018d ago

Seriously, it's all kinds of ace. Buy it now; complete it in time for when Yakuza 4 comes out in March. Then buy Yakuza 4.

mastiffchild3018d ago

Indeed. It's a game tht you need to give a chance to because I can totally see why people might put it down after their first fight. At first glance the combat is shallkow and slow but if you get the pce of it it begins to reveal hidden depths and great fun in it's seemingly old style fighting/brawling.

the story is always amazingly well done, the acting is ace and the mini games are so good you can lose a lot of time to them as well. The games are great value and work on an emotional level most games cannot reach so I'd advise giving them a real chance by playing your first for a few hours before making a decision either way-you should find them great.

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