Gran Turismo 5: 'A Lesson in Overhype'

In CVG's last Mailbox David Lucas blew his top about Black Ops multiplayer.

This week Michael Haylett finds himself enjoying Gran Turismo 5 more and more, but is still baffled by some of the design decisions.

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Karooo2839d ago

First UC2 bashing now this? looks like cvg is short on hits

renegade2839d ago

yeah they're looking for hits that the story.

MmaFanQc2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

GT5 wasnt overhyped, its just that a lot of "gaming medias" who dont know shit in racing game and tried to do a review and embarassed themselves since they didnt had a clue how to play the game.

if you want a serious review go to InecomCompany or simracingtonight (the FIRST PART of the review is 50minutes ffs...)

Dee_912839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Obvious the dude who wrote this is a casual
so his opinion dont matter

I havent seen one core sim racing fan speak negatively about this game
Only people who bought the game because of its hype

its quite sad actually .. that they are the ones writing the reviews

IHateYouFanboys2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

@Dmarc: ""an Elise that slides more than a pensioner on ice"
Obvious the dude who wrote this is a casual
so his opinion dont matter "

hes right though - the lotus that you drive in the top gear event is ridiculous, and not even slightly realistic. Lotuses are renowned for their handling and road hugging ability, yet in that event even the slightest turn of the steering wheel results in the car going into a full slide. i dont know what they did to that event to cause it, but its completely ridiculous.

"I havent seen one core sim racing fan speak negatively about this game "

id advise you stay away from GTPlanet then, which is pretty much the biggest 'core sim racing fan' gathering on the interent, as many MANY people over there speak negatively of it - and with good reason. why cant i upgrade the brakes on any cars? this is one of the first mods most people who race cars do in real life! why cant i adjust tyre pressure? why cant i change the width of my wheels/tyres? GT5 has many areas where it falls well short, and to say that no 'core sim racing fans' speak negatively of it shows just how little attention youve been paying.

on the 'article', it was a rubbish little piece that seemed to have no point or reason for being.

Dee_912838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

yea im on gtplanet
some of them arent core gters
gt5 is the 1st gt many of them played
well most of the people i saw complaining lol

and second the cores that do complain its usually not anything major

3rd Elise handles superb if you know how to drive an MR car
its not like normal car where you would just take your foot off the gas and slam the breaks before cornering
you will have to slow down a bit early and press breaks while your foot is still on gas

works good for me with sports hard on too

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NateCole2839d ago

To car enthusiast and GT fans it delivered. Regardless of how GT5 fared from the 'gaming press' haters will always be hating.

guigsy2839d ago

This is an opinion piece by a user on the site. You would know if you read the article.

Boody-Bandit2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

The only thing CVG can give a lesson in how to write articles for hits or support others nonsense to entice hits.

Dlacy13g2839d ago

UC2 bashing is un-warranted.... GT5? Well, it is far from the "perfect" game that PD claimed they were striving for so I dont take any exception to them taking shots at it.

starcb262839d ago

I don't remember PD saying GT5 was a "perfect" game.

Dlacy13g2839d ago

The continuous said they were taking their time to make as perfect a game as they could. This of course is paraphrasing what was said, but PD was very open about striving for perfection with GT5. So when a game gets hyped up like that form the developer its hard not to knock them a bit for when they have obvious areas that were less than perfect.

Doesn't mean GT5 isn't a great game...just that it certainly isn't the perfect racer everyone was hoping for.

Kleptic2839d ago

The article was actually pretty good, the title is a little misleading, as the 'overhyped' bit was a simple comment half way through...

I do agree with most of it or not, PD did get arrogant about GT5...with statements last spring like 'we could release it now, its ready'...and it clearly wasn't half a year later...

I think its pretty safe to say i'm with everyone else...and hope GT6 focuses more on polishing up whats already there, than adding huge amounts of content...that LITERALLY only look good on paper (standard cars be damned)...They could have halved the car count, actually had a logical UI, and added some depth to the online part of the game...probably overall saved money...and easily would have had a much more respectable critical following...

GT5 is the lowest rated GT game ever created...yet to many its also the best...that sucks...I love it, so I don't care either way...but i definitely see where the criticism came from...

there is still a lot of hope though for GT5...each update seems to be massive, and fixes a lot of the issues we have had so far...if they start seriously pumping out premium car models to replace the existing standard cars...I couldn't come up with a single thing that bothers me that much; thats the only one that annoys me...I agree, the 1000 car trophy would be great to have, i just don't feel like filling up my garage with ugly standard machines...

DigitalAnalog2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I doubt reducing the standard car count would warrant more "premiums" to the same extent. Remember, premiums are worked from the ground up with a standard of 6 months per car. Even if they did remove ALL 800 standard cars, the maximum "premium" car output should not exceed 250 - that is, if going by their standards and the time per car output.

As for KZ's quote "we could release it now, it's ready" hypocrisy, I'll ask you this: Remember at that time, there was no weather nor kart racing at that time during the statement was released. Would you say without those 2 features the game would be INCOMPLETE?

The only problem with this game is that their is just too much content to polish. Had he stick with the original plan without weather and disregarding 800 cars, I can assure you the game would be far more polished than what it is now today.

-End of Line

Kleptic2838d ago more or less reworded exactly what I said...

So maybe it wouldn't have had more premium cars...but I guarantee the 1000+ car statement was simply for PR...had the game had 600 cars, roughly half of which were premium...the whole debacle of premium vs. standard cars may have actually been you wouldn't have seen so many standard cars in every race...

and yeah...thats what I meant...when PD said the game was really wasn' wasn't necessarily the carting and weather that hadn't been added that needing to be in was that the damage model, for the most part, was tacked on late in development...and clearly shows...its as good as other sims, but its still inconsistent and doesn't fit well with the pedigree franchise...

so yeah...I would say that if it shipped early in 2010...with no damage...and without carting (even though thats by far the least important aspect of the game to me) would be INCOMPLETE...

and the entire scope of my post was exactly what you dialing back the huge amounts of content...that all look great on paper...the overall game would have been much more consistent production value wise...all the tracks could have had the same level of detail...the disparity between standard cars and premium models could have been less (as you would be racing against much fewer standard cars on a regular basis)...and they possibly could have spent a lot more time on the UI, and you know, made it make sense...

so overall i am agreeing with you...your reply says everything I said, but it sounds like you're disagreeing?...

wu-stix2839d ago

They aren't going to get one from me.

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall2839d ago

Polyphony Digital should be taking notes and PS3 fans should stop shielding them from the truth.

ActionBastard2839d ago

What truth? That it is THE best driving simulator on any console? Play it then speak.

iPad2839d ago


What I like most about GT5 is the menu. It's so UNIQUE!

Boody-Bandit2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

What truth would that be troll?
Every PS3 fan I know absolutely loves GT5. My friends list is on over drive with people playing it since it was released.

When are you going to stop shielding your betrothed from the truth?

As you can see MI was hard at work signing into all his multiple accounts to agree with himself.

SuperLupe2839d ago

The game is clearly flawed especially for a 60$ million/5 year in the making game and rather than demanding improvements and helping PD improve futur GT games it seems some people prefer acting like nothings wrong, like it is perfect.

How stupid is that ? Better have a more polished experience or keep your fanboy ego intact ?

And they call themselves "gamers" ass.

wu-stix2839d ago

Since the release PD have provided lots of support. The made the online better, gave us the option to turn off the HUD, gave us 5 new races, a time trial and a drift challenge every week, and an online garage. That is all given to us a month and a half after release the support for this game is going to rival that of burnout paradise, I think it will surpass it.

Commander_TK2839d ago

Lol. SuperLupe, u pretty much exposed 95% of the users on site for who they are.

VenGencE9992839d ago

u buddy are right on target. There is so much wrong with gt5 that it amazes me that people still refuse to accept that the game is flawed.

I thought IGN was being their typical bias self, but after playing gt5 since it's release I think I have to eat crow on this one.

I also have to retract what I said about the dev who said they weren't going to put pointless cars in their game just to have a big number. yeah, gt5 has lots of cars, half are doodoo.

1000(most of which are toyota's, mazdas, and honda's)cars and you can't even change the stock brakes? on ANY of the cars? what is there about 15-18 sets of wheels to choose from? does anyone have any idea how long it takes to get to lvl 40? then and only then will the entire game open up?

so so flawed...but I'm still having a ball with it! lol

edgeofblade2839d ago

I probably agree with "M4ndat0ry_1nstall", but he loses credibility for having such a bitch ass name.

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Godmars2902839d ago

Thing is, much of the "overhype" came from Turn 10 saying they had a better game. Mentioning GT almost everytime they talked about Forza.

divideby02839d ago

I support you comment 100%..
When you have to talk about the competition is just you dont have enough to say about YOUR own thang

SuperLupe2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Yeah but at the end of the day FOrza 3 didnt dissapoint. GT5 did.

@below: First off, wow what a weak response

Second, yeah keep on living in your dream world where any form of criticism towards a PS3 exclusive is a conspiracy its actually funny.

I mean when even the OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE refuses to give GT5 a score (first time in history they refuse to score a game) because they are scared it may hurt kind of says everything. But hey, lets just pretend ok ? :)

@Brutally Honest below: I may be new here but dont worry I've been following long enough to know that:
1.)Anything negative about PS3 = conspiracy.

2.)Reviews dont count unless they give a PS3 exclusive 90+. Bla bla bla and bla bla bla.

Boody-Bandit2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Oh really?
I don't know what planet you live on but you obviously are not a member of forza motorsports forum. There was dozens of threads with hundreds of responsing complaining about Forza 3. Most of them about how the online was setup.

Go peddle your lies some where else. Don't bring it here. I played Forza 3 15 times more than I have yet to play GT5. Also Forza 3 had (still has) a lot of glitches.

Neither Forza 3 or GT5 was perfect, no game is, but it's obvious Sony titles are put under a microscope compared to other console exclusives. But why am I wasting my time with a brand new, most likely multiple account, N4G flame starter?

You are as transparent as a rolled down window.

Godmars2902839d ago

The only thing wrong with that, really wrong, is that more Forza players/fanboys who have never touched GT5 say that than people who have played GT5.

And you really can't say there isn't bias towards PS3 games when Jim Sterling gave another one of his stellar and dinged LBP2 for re-playability.

A game who's basis is essentially is general re-playability, allowing players to make their own levels and games, has been criticized for re-playability. And you have the never to say that there aren't people with something against the PS3 or PS3 games.

SuperLupe2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Godmars are u serious ?

So you want to tell me Jim Sterling has never given a ridiculously low score to a 360 exclusive ...? I mean they gave Fable 3 5.5/10 for instance (its a bit more than 80 on meta)

You see the problem with you guys is that you are in your OWN reality where Destructoid for instance are anti PS3...a quick look into "real" reality and you'll realise that its pure BS for the simple fact that they gave 360 exclusives ridiculously low scores for hits too.

Godmars2902839d ago

My issue isn't that Sterling gave it the score he did, its what he based it on. Namely apparently low re-play value for a game that by its demos, by example of prior version, is about diversity and re-playability.

And as far as Fable 3 is concerned, having blinders on in general for that matter, the games gotten a number of mixed reviews with most saying it improved little over the first two Fable titles and the ending is a cop out.

Sterling's is the only bad review I've read for LBP2, and by the way it reads he sounds mostly pissed off that MM "broke their word" that they'd never have to make another LBP title.

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divideby02839d ago

we all want reviews as soon as the game comes out.

we all know that online MP games cannot be honestly reviewed until a couple of weeks after release

most of us realize sites just rush reviews to get hits..

I have always said..." reviews guide, gameplay decides"

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