Ten Largest Worlds in Video Games

GB - Gone are the days when video games had small little ‘mario” kind of worlds. The introduction of 3D game play also meant that the environments had to be bigger and larger in size. Initially this trend was only restricted to well know role playing games, but later on, it also expanded to other genres like racing and sandbox.

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Karooo2933d ago

daggerfall was huge, truly epic. Just cause 2 was quite large too considering the graphics it had.

gameseveryday2933d ago

I think daggerfall for its age was truly epic. You can actually see from the list that the next games in the series did lesser and lesser.

I just cant get the reasoning behind it since technology should have surpassed what they did in 1996.

I hope they have a even bigger world in Skyrim

RedDead2933d ago

As far as i'm concered, Morrowind was the best thing from Bethesda so far. It is their peak, Oblivion got messed up due to them only getting the 360 hardware 6 months before the release of Oblivion, so they had to cut alot down on it, their Radiant AI was originally much better aswell, but they just hadn't go the time for it.

There's no problem now though, we are well into this gen and they've been testing out differant things for ES 5 with Fallout and new Vegas(such as level scailing) I hope Skyrim can call itself the pinnicle of Bethesda.

Valay2933d ago

Just for the record, Mario has awesome small worlds! I loved (and still love) running around the castle/castle grounds in Super Mario 64. Especially flying.

crystalnova20042933d ago

Fingers crossed Skyrim will be able to live up to the sheer size and depth of Daggerfall. Some of those numbers are really staggering. Was also quite impressed with how many genres were beating MMO's in terms of map size. Not quite what I was expecting...

Rubberlegs2933d ago

Skyrim map is smaller then Oblivion. I don't think we will ever get something as big as Daggerfall again or at least noting this gen.
To make a game world that big with the amount of detail you can put into a game world these days would take a long time.

kancerkid2933d ago

Bethesda takes great liberty with how things are sized in the games as opposed to the "official map."

You ca even see it in the link that Cyrodill is much smaller in Oblivion than it is on the first map which encompasses Tamriel proper.

Skyrim could be bigger or smaller than Oblivion if Bethesda wants to do as such.

RedDead2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Oblivion over morrowind??? Why?

Edit---just been looking it up, Morrowind is actually Smaller..?!? Jut feels bigger because you move slower and there's more of a feeling of exploring in it.

Mac is OK2933d ago

In Minecraft you are technically able to have a map as big as 8 times the surface of the earth.

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The story is too old to be commented.