GameStop prices 3DS games at $30 to $50, possible 3DS release window

XMNR: Despite the fact that the Nintendo 3DS set to be released in Japan next month and all signs indicate a March release for North America, we still don't know kind of prices we are looking at for the handheld or its games. However, GameStop may have clued us in on the price range for the games.

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Warprincess1162834d ago

$50 is too much. It should definitely
stay at $30. The reason i like the DS was
because the games were cheap.If games are gonna
be $50. Then i rather buy a game for my ps3 or 360.

Queasy2834d ago

Yeah, I thought the $34.99 price point for the high-end games (read Pokemon, Mario, Dragon Quest, etc) was fine. $50 is stretching it...especially with a game like DOA.

soren2834d ago

true but then again ppl spend 60 dollers on a 6 hour game on 360 and ps3 right? dont forget that we spent 50 on game cube and ps2 games and psp games are around 45 to 40 buckd this is exspected am i right? everything something new comes out they boost the price sept for wii

Queasy2834d ago

It's a matter of perception though. Historically, handheld games aren't priced that high with rare exceptions.