Homefront’s Rex Dixon Talks Linearity and Level Design

GameZone had the privilege of sitting down and picking the brain of Rex Dixon from Kaos Studios on their upcoming first-person shooter that is being published by THQ.

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TomFG2931d ago

Interesting stuff. Still not 100% sure on this one, though.


yes, but to be precise im about 61.34837284927388492%


I want to hype this game up, because it sounds great but I cant because ive yet to play the finished product.

MidnytRain2931d ago

Little by little this game is getting more attention from me. It could be a sleeper hit. I like the story focused direction Kaos is taking this game in. We need a bit more depth in conflicts in our FPSs instead of just having the big, bad meanies who we have to shoot.

djcitizend2931d ago

More and more I have high hopes for this game. I just do not want it to be the Alan Wake of 2011, where people loved it, but no one played it.

RogueCheddar2930d ago

so true. I'm still trying to fit alan wake in.

SpitFireAce852931d ago

To all of the above, that's why we need a beta to
test the game out our self...