Aim Bot Hack Hits Call of Duty Black Ops (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

Aim Bots have been the curse of previous Call of Duty title's in the past and now it has arrived on Call of Duty Black Ops, the hack in operation can be seen in the video below. The maker of the video also claims that the hack is undetectable if the hackers use a 'Stealth patch', making it harder for users of the hack to be banned.

Please note that Gamer4Eva does not encourage hacking in any way, we are only showing this video to make gamers aware of what is happening.


The video has been removed check out , see it before its removed.

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Pillage052835d ago

You would think that the theater mode in blops would make finding and banning these people quite a bit easier.

danmachine2835d ago

Have played quite a few players with aim bot on recently, you can tell if you stay with them long enough, it sucks. Gamers who hack games do so because they have a lack of skill and its there only means to win ,sad really.

Commander_TK2835d ago

This will actually help for taking out camping little bitches and cowards that shoot you in the back.

Pillage052835d ago

@commander if you have to resort to hacking to a win a n online video game....then you just suck and should get a new hobby. No reason legitimate consumers should have to pay the price for this. Playing with people who hack just isn't all.

young juice2835d ago

only thing thats keepin me from going trollin the vid is the freddy vs jason song and that powerman 5000 did the best smackdown vs raw soundrack .

gonna go get owned in css. cus i been gamin on console all my life.

BattleAxe2835d ago

Any idea if CoD4 and WaW for PS3 are affected?

Hydrolex2835d ago

yes, I used to hack Counter Strike when I was a child noob and I was addicted to hacking it :0 ! But at the end I got bored cuz I wasnt using any skills... lol

HappyGaming2834d ago


Don't turn your back on enemies than what you want them to wait till you turn around and have a cowboy shoot out?

Fucking idiot.

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KillerBBs2833d ago

that what all the blogs basically state. There is never good news for this title.

All my friends played this game and now no one does. They all hate it for the same reason and Treyarch acts like complete idiots whens address things that will not make the online experience any better. Treyarch design a game that didn't work correctly in all formats... end of story. they suck.

This game is horrible! This and Gears are the only two games were you can shoot someone in the back and they can turn around and kill you first. This title is broken... having a jump on someone means nothing!

DingDangDoo2835d ago

This is on PC. Isnt there usually aimbots for EVERY shooter on PC.

Nothing new.

davidmccue2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

The video showing it in action is on the PC, but its also for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 according to the you tube description.

HSx92835d ago

wow, you are very easily miss guided... This is ONLY for PC. PS3 and Xbox hackers are still trying to figure out how to hack this game, they are only saying it's for Xbox and PS3 because they want to sell their aimbot program... This is only for PC!

Ducky2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Sometimes there's things far worse than a simple aimbot.

Thankfully, dedicated servers pretty much fix the problem as long as it is well-maintained.

evrfighter2835d ago

best part is while a single hack can destroy the online play of consoles. A well admin'd pc server will always be hack free.

frostypants2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

If you use Punkbuster, maybe. But I'd rather deal with the cheats than deal with that POS on my computer.

jdktech20102835d ago

If I play against a hacker on 360 enough times (like 2 or 3) I'll trade the game in at that point

It's up to Treyarch to fix this or I'll just trade it in (know they won't care but they said they would be on hackers all the time and I hate playing against cheaters seeing as how it's not fun anymore)

MintBerryCrunch2835d ago

there must be a reason why its so easy to do this with basically every CoD game...devs dont care enough to change up the programming and hackers take advantage of their laziness since it continues to sell, so why bother fixing something that is broke when it works?

weird question, but nonetheless it does work

Saryk2835d ago

Why? Why in the hell do people make this kind of crap? Unskilled freaking CUN^S....................

ThanatosDMC2835d ago

Noob that got frustrated that he couldnt get kills. I hate loser that cheat or teamkill because they cant aim properly. Sad since it all ready has auto aim.

Sony3602835d ago

Especially seeing as COD games these days pretty much do the aiming for you.

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