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Giantbomb: Seems like we'd get along, you and me. You guys know a good game when you see one, and after compiling all of the lists that you made and totaling up the points, BioWare's Mass Effect 2 is your Game of the Year for 2010.

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PlayerX3023d ago

Mario Galaxy 2 should have won but O well.

Ratchet5103023d ago

i agree but fo me it god of war 3 but if that or heavey rain didnt get goty i would want super mario galaxy 2 to get goty because these 3 games are better than ME2 and RDR.

RSPproductionz3023d ago

in their opinion. but in my opinion it was heavy rain or god of war 3. i don't like rpg's and i tried mass effect 2 at a mates house. i still don't like rpgs

RSPproductionz3023d ago

why disagree? i dont like rpg's. FACT

RedDead3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Maybe because Mas effect has the smallest amount o RPG elements and RPG can have. You didn't like it because it's not a good game. That's all.

Also from article
"And Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 offers a notably better visual experience than previous releases."

Nope PC is better, Bioware have always done better with PC than consoles, they have been PC devs for years before the tried with Kotor an the Xbox. Simple as that, Pc is the best by a decent amount. I mean look at drgon age origins, I hated the console versions(played on Ps3) compared to the Pc one. I got annoyed when I found out the PC version ran so much smoother than the other 2.

Christopher3023d ago

Then more people should have made 2010 GotY lists on GiantBomb.

ME2 was my GotY on my list, but I don't own a Wii.

PlayerX3023d ago

Woah. People do not like Mario on this site.

pain777pas3023d ago

Player sometimes I don't think they like any games on this site except Dance Central and Def jam Rapstar.

maniacmayhem3023d ago

Mass Effect 2 was a damn good game. Super excited for part 3.

Perjoss3023d ago

i know many will not agree, but i hope they bring back a few of the things from ME1 that made it feel like more of an RPG.

i miss the 'loot' and being able to add modifications to weapons, i also miss the planet landings (which were replaced by the shitty planet scanning).

ME2 even though it was an awesome game leaned too much towards being a third person shooter rather than an RPG. And I swear many of the multiple choice answers in conversation made little difference (unless they were red or blue) to the outcome of the conversation.

there i said it.

Blacktric3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Agreed. They need to bring looting and upgrade system back along with being able to reach level 60 again. 30 level cap is just not enough. I easily reached it at the beginning of my second playthrough as a default soldier and I didn't even completed most of the side quests.

maniacmayhem3023d ago

I wouldnt mind the loot system and i defintly agree with the level cap.

I also wish they would get rid of the red and blue covo. the user shouldnt be coached which to choose, the user should choose what he thinks is the best and suffer the choices he made or not.

ChickeyCantor3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I really loved how ME1 leaned on RPG elements far more than ME2.

And the interface was a bit clunky to be honest.

I also liked how you just had to lean against a wall to cover in ME1.

I played the PC version, so im not sure how different it was on the 360.

"I also wish they would get rid of the red and blue covo"
No the whole point is to pick a path so you can select options that have more impact.
You are either a renegade or a paragon. Its part of your development.
If you area nice guy, its unlikely you will act like a totall douchebag. It makes sense.

maniacmayhem3021d ago

@ sidar

I hear ya, but sometimes it came down to picking whatever color popped up on the screen without even reading it.

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Kran3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

WHAT A SHOCK! /facepalm

xD hehe Go Mass Effect 2! *Waves a flag saying "I <3 ME2* hehe

Im actually tempted to get the PS3 version of ME2 when I buy one. I aint decided yet. Kinda pointless since I have it on the 360. But then it'd be a great collection for trophies ;P Might rent instead though.

Saryk3023d ago

I agree that ME2 should be GOTY, awesome game.

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