Mass Effect 2 - Playstation 3 Launch Trailer

GR - Mass Effect 2 releases January 18, 2011 with bonus downloadable content packs Lair of the Shadow Broker, Overlord and Kasumi - Stolen Memory, including the Blood Dragon Armor available through Dragon Age: Origins. It'll also have all the free Cerberus Network DLC and offer other free and paid DLC.

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SuperKing3023d ago

I'd never thought I'd see the day when Mass Effect hits the PS3. I wonder what game we're going to get next? ;)

Foxgod3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Something new i hope.
I got all consoles, no need for ports.

ksense3023d ago

my guess would be splinter cell conviction

SuperKing3023d ago

Meh, Splinter Cell: Conviction isn't that great. But I wouldn't mind Gears Of War 3 coming. I also forgot, we're getting a game from Bungie aren't we?

Awesome. :)

mushroomwig3023d ago

You have all consoles, not everybody is like you. There's no reason to NOT want more games for the PS3, it's not like you have to buy them.

dmn43023d ago

foxgod at the end of 2009 you told me that you had seen xbox games behind closed doors that would blow all ps3 games away graphically. LMAO looks like you were talking shit!
i know this is random but this is the first comment ive read from you since then and it brought back memories of that arguement that lasted weeks where you talked shit about the systems specifications as if the xbox was more powerful than the ps3.

Nitrowolf23023d ago


if anything we might get a teaser in the collection like what happened with Sly Cooper

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Lirky3023d ago

I hate EA and will always always hate EA, but bioware are a very very good developer i hope in the future they can leave EA and find a new publisher.

Reasons why i hate EA : Their way of doing business to gamers in Dlc form this is off-topic but i recently bought skate3 published by EA its an ok fun game but on one of my psn accounts i used the activation code located in the skate3 case.

It allowed me to access skate.reel, upload and share skate.parks etc.

However on my other psn account EA are trying to charge me 9.99 to unlock it again rather than 1 access code to = activation for all psn accounts, so EA shouldn't make mass effect3 ONLINE because then Dlc and all types of EA i.d's will be implemented BIOWARE please make mass effect3 just off-line single player.

Pandamobile3023d ago

EA owns Bioware, so they're not exactly free to just up and find a new publisher.

MarioWarfare3023d ago

Your life must be great if you HATE a video game company

Petro893023d ago

Looks good, but I'll pick it up in a few months when the price drops.

Played the demo and whilst it was all good, without playing the original title, I wasn't able to connect with Shepard, the other characters and the universe as a whole.

telekineticmantis3023d ago

actually hoped to get from another system, all PS3 needs now is Zelda lol.

Baka-akaB3023d ago

it's not the original , but there are great games like Darksiders , and most of all 3D Dot Game Heroes for those who care for the genre

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The story is too old to be commented.