Five Features The PlayStation App Is Desperate For

Having played around with the new PlayStation app, NowGamer can't help but think it's lacking, and have suggested five things they'd really want to see from it...

"Yesterday Sony released a brand new PlayStation app for iPhones and Android phones across the world. Something to be excited about, right? Well, not really."

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skyward2931d ago

Messaging is a must. Can't see Sony going for scheduling downloads though...

TimmyShire2931d ago

Couldn't agree more. I downloaded it too and I couldn't believe that such a simple feature was missing.

Promptly deleted it. Come on Sony...

Dart892931d ago

Come on guys it was barely released they are working on it be glad they even decided to make it.

UnwanteDreamz2931d ago

I agree

It just got released I will wait for a couple of updates (if it has a couple) before writing it off.

Can't argue with their desired features and messaging is a must.

WhittO2931d ago

Alls I care about is organising friends list in order of online/offline, since it can take a while to go through all of ur friends to see who is online.

It's a nice looking app but lacks in a good few features, i'm sure these will be added over time though and it is free...

Christopher2931d ago

They should turn it into an optional authenticator device. Similar to WoW iPhone authenticators, allow an extra step in security that is tied to your PSN account.

TimmyShire2931d ago

That's a great idea! I'd love to see that.

Undeadwolfy2931d ago

It can only get better from here :)

sashimi2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Why would a Free App be desperate...? But it just released and like others have said it will only get better in time.

HungPHATx2931d ago

Can't find it on the US app store

starcb262931d ago

It's only out in Europe.

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