The Worst Box Art of 2010

GamerNode's Kyle Hilliard writes: As gamers continue to educate themselves with online resources before making pricey game purchases, videogame box art becomes more and more unimportant. Box art used to be the main selling point, and also provided the narrative background for the games they were representing. Developers used to be limited to a small number of colored squares to build their games, so what they lacked in graphical presentation, they made up for with amazing box art.

Some studios have entirely abandoned box art, relying on a very specific template or just ignoring the content of the game entirely, in favor of something that looks kind of scary (e.g. Deadly Premonition). 2010 was ripe with all sorts of wonderfully terrible box art for high profile games. Here are the worst

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italianbreadman2835d ago

I kinda like Deadly Premonition's' box art. It's whacked out.

TheAmericnDream2834d ago

I think the Deadly Premonition box art should have been York just kind of casually drinking some coffee at a table with some light stubble growing in. Maybe a gun laying on the table.

italianbreadman2834d ago

Or taking his suit to the dry cleaner.

italianbreadman2834d ago

ORRRRRR..... DRIVING!!!!!!!!!!!

MatthewMk22835d ago

God of War 3! What the hell happened? GoW 1/2 both had amazing box art.

amlabella2834d ago

All good choices for worst box art of the year but of the bunch I think Splatterhouse is definitely the worst. I could have come up with that in a second and I'm HORRIBLE at art and design.

italianbreadman2832d ago

Splatterhouse is just terrible