In-depth Review: Bubble Town 2 - Electronic Theatre

For a handheld format aiming to bridge the gap between those already involved with videogaming and users completely new to the hobby, Windows Phone 7’s Xbox LIVE enabled catalogue is surprisingly limited in terms of the Puzzle games currently available. The obvious release of Tetris from Electronic Arts and a handful of card and logic games in Microsoft Game Studios’ Game Chest series are the only genuine Puzzle games available aside from I-play’s Bubble Town 2, a successful Facebook game that has been refreshed and expanded for this Windows Phone 7 outing.

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Kon3023d ago

Nobody needs an In-Depth review to see that this game sucks

HarryMonogenis3023d ago

I would of thought that an in-depth review would at least be two pages, this one is under a page long.

kevco333022d ago

Page breaks are forced by websites to make you see more advertising - no reveiew need ever be more than a page long.

Plus, looking at most big sites, their text width is narrower and font szie larger. If this were a review on the likes of IGN it would be three pages long...