15 Things You Must Know About Elder Scrolls V

NowGamer: "Believe it or not but the next Elder Scrolls game will be out this year, so we provide all the details you’ll need to know about Skyrim and what it means for the fifth iteration to the series."

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skyward2888d ago

Want screens!!! New engine can't be any worse than ESIV...

MAJ0R2888d ago

dude TESIV came out 6 years ago, it's a no brainer that most if not all the problems will be fixed

rybobales2888d ago

Besides its a new engine anyway, and from what they've shown already it looks better.

fastrez2888d ago

Another game I won't finish due to a barrage of side quests

Tikicobra2888d ago

Dumbest comment on N4G? Possibly.

lastdual2888d ago

You say it as if that's a bad thing :)

Half the fun of TES is ingoring the main quest and getting lost for hours exploring the world, taking on random quests, joining guilds and factions, etc. I can't wait!

RufustheKing2888d ago

190 hours into oblivion and i never finished the main story thats what i love about elder scrolls it's a whole world. you get lost and you don't care, exploring a cave one second, swimming down to a secret door the next or beating the snot out of a troll the next with a club. This is the only game that would cause UC3 to lose the GOTY.Also plz allow all the DLC to go to PS3 this time as well. free horse armour plz

again i ask will there be werewolves and vampires in number 5 and will they have their own seperate quests? can you ride a dragon? and there was a rumour once back a few years ago that there was plans for a power to turn the player into a animal(dog,wold bear and so on)is it true.

femshep2888d ago

awesome read can only wait for this game to come out as for the GI article its gonna be a big tease

Zinc2888d ago

I don't care about what gets called GOTY, I am pretty sure this game will be a great experience and I'm really looking forward to experiencing the world of Tamriel again.

This will probably be a first day/week purchase for me.

Deathstroke2888d ago

Uncharted 3 and the lack of classes in ES5 will keep me from buying this game.

Zinc2887d ago

Uncharted 3 is a completely different type of game, so I'm unclear how that would matter to your purchasing decision; unless it's about prioritizing your money spent. As to the classes, the lack of classes is actually not a bad thing. Playing how you want makes more sense. Giving you more freedom makes more sense and is actually appreciated. I've been playing this series since the beginning (30, I'm old) and while changes are hard sometimes, they can also be good.

They have been condensing down some of the skills for the last 2 games and I see good and bad things about that, but ultimately, I think it's still a positive.

Also, if you play this on the PC, you will have a deluge of MODS that will make the game play pretty much anyway you want it to. So, if you want to add or remove something, it's all there for you to experience.

This is coming from someone that always chooses magic classes over anything else.

Think about all the classes that exist in The Elder Scrolls. What is a Spellsword or Battlemage? These are hybrid classes. Why do they even need to have names? You can still do all the things those classes could do, but you are not confined to a name. Seems okay to me.