THQ: Experimental pricing model for 'major franchise'

Firm plans to bring MX vs. ATV model to big game

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akaFullMetal2836d ago

might be a smart trend, unless they over price dlc, which might be a big chance.

Yi-Long2836d ago

... I don't buy games that DLC-milk, and I never will.

RyuDrinksTheDew2836d ago

it would be awesome for games to go back down again...

...but the article mentions that they would attempt to make that money back through DLC, which either means they will charge more, or just have more.

not sure i would like either.

Forbidden_Darkness2836d ago

Yeah, BUT its not like you have to have the DLC, so you still get the game for cheaper then usual.

RyuDrinksTheDew2836d ago

very true, but i like to know my disc is packed with a complete game, know what im saying?

i dont want locked content on the disk (ex. Bioshock 2) or stuff that just should be on the disk (ex. Dragon Age 2 already announced DLC).

Ju2836d ago

As long as the entry price gives you a complete experience, this is OK with me. Sure they will tease what they can to make you buy the DLC but as long as I don't have to buy it to play the game, this could be a good way to actually get the prices down.

As long as they can break even with a lower price and increase the volume because of it, this should be a win-win for both.

If they go broke because the don't make any money and nobody buys the DLC would help. Also releasing a "$40" demo won't fly, either (like they'll force you to buy DLC).

Mac is OK2836d ago

This sounds like it could be for UFC since the second game didn't sell as well as the first one. Maybe they'll try to sell additional content like other fighters or whatever.

DlocDaBudSmoka2836d ago

they should do the dlc like they did for smackdown vs raw '11. they had an all access pass thing for $10 where u got all the dlc available and future dlc to come.

Raoh2835d ago

sony always has great ideas but never pushes through with them..

i think the chapter style sale of Siren was a good option. buy a portion of the game at low cost like $14.99, size and price of a standard psn/xbla game. and if you like it that much pick up the rest of the chapters. how many times have we bought a game only to get a portion of the way only to find out we dont like it, only difference is that we paid the full $60 for a a game we wont complete.