God of War 3 is the People’s Game of the Year 2010

GB: "On the 10th of January, we finally closed down the voting for our people’s choice and as you may have already knew the obvious that Santa Monica’s latest is your Game of the Year 2010. But there are other 50 odd categories to check out. So let’s get started on those:"

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gameseveryday3024d ago

Well some people dont have sense too. In the last category that is the "Most Anticipated Game of 2011", Batman Arkham City emerged the winner over Uncharted 3.

I am drooling.

I mean Arkham City looks amazing, but according to the votes they seem to be more excited more about it than UC3.

Reasons! People.

deadreckoning6663024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

So...people who are more excited for Arkham City than Uncharted 3 have no sense?


As if "sense" and "reasons" played a role in the emotional feeling you get when you see a game.

@Rashid- Oh okay.

gameseveryday3024d ago


It makes sense actually. Its just that I thought people are more excited about Uncharted 3 than Arkham City.

That does not mean I am not a Batman Lover, I replayed Arkham Asylum 5 times, But its just that I replayed Uncharted 40 odd times...yes 40 odd kidding!

Seferoth753024d ago

You thought more people were excited for an exclusive on the console with the least amount of sales? Yeah good one dude...

FailOverHero3024d ago

Personal tastes mean nothing to you? Everybody has to want UC 3 more than they want any other game?

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meetajhu3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Its the holy grail of 2010. I mean God of War 3 literally demolished every game this gen. I was satisfied to the fullest.

Neckbear3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

And in MY opinion, Bayonetta surpassed everything God of War 3 did, excluding graphics.

zeddy3024d ago

it should get the award just for the first boss. best looking game ever made.

cyborg3024d ago

like people who like ripping gods apart.

They have my vote for sure

Karooo3024d ago

It was a good game and deserves to win.

jaidek3024d ago

I agree, it was by far one of the best games released last year - exclusive or not. Still looking forward to playing Kratos again in MK9.

halocursed3024d ago

Aaah early 2010 was amazing with Kratos and GOW 3!

Roozium3024d ago

Bet those people never played Mass Effect 2.

nilamo3024d ago

Or red dead redemption, mario galaxy 2 etc.

GeneGodHand3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I have played those games and God of War 3 is better.

Suck on this haters


nilamo3023d ago

I got bored with GOW3 fast.

OllieBoy3024d ago

Bet you never played God of War III.

Downtown boogey3024d ago

I did (even a platinum in my pocket) and I still agree with him.

Did you play ME2?

VenGencE9993024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I've played all three and GOW3 still wins in my book. on top of that rdr was the worst of the bunch... now what?

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The story is too old to be commented.