The Xbox 360 Tries Again To Replace TV Programming

Starting this spring Microsoft will again test the waters for a video game that replicates, perhaps replaces, something you might watch on television.

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deadreckoning6662929d ago

The only thing right now that is set to replace tv programming is Netflix...and I have it on my PS3. The only difference is that I don't have to pay $60 a year ON TOP of the $7.99 Netflix subsciption to use it.

FrigidDARKNESS2929d ago

folks like this think 60.00 a year is going to break there bank keep in mind that consumers spends well over 60.00 a month on fast food so what s your argument.

DelbertGrady2929d ago

I would like it more if they made an MMO game using the avatars.

Shackdaddy8362929d ago

Microsoft is failing with all these casual games...

Not financially, but they are still failures in my eyes.

FailOverHero2929d ago

I'm sure they're pretty cut up about their financial success and yet being failures in your eyes

Shackdaddy8362929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Ya. Cus, you know, EVERYONE wants to be accepted by me. But I just cant accept everyone in life. :)

Kran2929d ago

But 1 vs 100 was very enjoyable. I loved playing it and I partially disown Microsoft for cancelling it. >:(

RedDead2929d ago

Do i have have to bring out the multiplatform list again?

Wikkid6662929d ago

I was in the beta for FHP... it's was a lot of fun.

whitesoxfalife2929d ago

i was in this beta as well and i thought i was fun too especially if you lose x-amount of dollars they send you back down a table get the highest amount and you get some rewards.

Wikkid6662929d ago

First, yep very cool features. Will be the first avatar based game to offer in game rewards. You can dress your avatar just for this specific game using the rewards and in game purchases.

Secondly, what's with the disagrees? People on this site have issues.

mcstorm2929d ago

Imo I think MS should have more things like this and 1vs100 it was something different to all other games on the 360 and it was fun to play with mates n family in the same room n over live. 1Vs100 did very well and o think it even set a world record too. If they make quite a few mini games like these too it adds more value into buying Xbox live too.

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