Will Catherine See a US Release?

Originalgamster: There’s been a lot of interest in Atlus’ first internally developed game for HD consoles, ‘Catherine’, but it is still uncertain if the game will see a US release. In an e-mail with a QA representative for Atlus, we were told that at this time there has been no announcement regarding a North American release for Catherine. Understand, that no announcement doesn’t mean no game… it just means there hasn’t been an announcement. The e-mail continues by saying they will take the request for localization of Catherine into consideration. So if you want to play Catherine here in the States, you may need to import, or do like NA gamers did with Demon’s Souls and show an insane amount of interest in the game.

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Cloudberry2838d ago

Yes, it would come in English eventually.

Mind everyone, ATLUS USA has tendencies to announced it "after" the Japanese release launch.

More / less have to wait another 6 months unfortunately, I think...

But if it could release sooner than that, then that's great.

Catherine (PS3), Persona 2 Innocent Sin (PSP), and Radiant Historia (Nintendo DS), all English version, is my next ATLUS' games.

NeoBasch2838d ago

I sure hope so. I honestly can't believe we're having this conversation. How can people consider sex to be more harmful than violence? It boggles my mind.

I was just playing Digital Devil Saga 2 the other day where I watched one of my team mates being eaten. Half his body was gone. It was absolutely disgusting. If something like that can get past the ESRB, why not sex? Seriously, some people...

rezzah2838d ago

Because the majority of the population morally consider sex and anything to do with sex a terrifying act that can "bend" the mind of a child (doesnt mean its impossible). Where as violence is seen as less disturbing due to the amount of violence that even parents themselves have seen compared to anything sexual.

rockleex2838d ago

They wouldn't create a 360 version if it wasn't gonna come to the West sooner or later.

mastiffchild2838d ago

@rockleex-IDK whether they think there's enough of a market for what is prolly a niche game even in Japan on the 360 IDK but you might well have a point about 360 dev being a hint that we WILL see this in the west.

You'd think that a vast percentage of Japanese only 360 gamers would have to buy Catherine to break even, wouldn't you? Ports/different platform versions aren't cheap either so it could be a sign we'll get it pretty quickly.

I'm STILL unsure of how much depth or fun there'll be in the limited gameplay I've seen and am torn between the worry that it's going to be either shallow OR that it could nbe subversively daft enough to be brilliant. Need to see more gameplay and how they're going to weave a story into it too-getting all het up about whether we get the game or not, though, really feels a bit premature when we don't know too much about how it plays. A few videos that we can't understand don't help too much-unless I'm missing a load of informative gameplay vids. Which is possible as I'm stupid and lazy.

SaiyanFury2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Considering it was previewed in the last issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, I know it's coming to the west. Personally, I don't buy a lot of Atlus games, but I am looking forward to this one. Albeit, I wouldn't expect to see the Japanese PS3 or 360 boxart here in the US. I'd expect something a little more toned down.

Xof2838d ago

My opinion: it damn well better.

DaReapa2838d ago

It's nice to see a change from the norm in gaming. Hope this does make it Stateside.

Foxgod2838d ago

It should, i am not interested in it, but seems plenty of people are.
Now give me those Tales games and Atelier Totori in english :)
Maybe NIS should pick up those tales games if Namco is too lame to translate them.

PsERSONA2838d ago

Kinda silly to leave Vincent in the US version of Persona 3 Portable if they're not going to.

"...Of course, it'll probably have nothing to do with your problems."

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The story is too old to be commented.