DC Universe Online – Retailers failing to mention subscription fees.

TAG: With the PS3 version of DC Universe Online ready to drop into stores this week, it will be interesting to see whether the MMO subscription model can actually be a success on a home console. PS3 users take for granted the fact that they can play an online game for free, so the price of the ongoing subscription needed to play DCUO may come as a shock to some.

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deadreckoning6662889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Not suprised. I don't want it to, but commerically, this game will do poorly despite the awesome reviews it may get. The free online play is one of the major reasons why people choose to buy a PS3 over other alternatives.

Btw..has anyone seen ANY advertising for this game on television? I'm shocked that Sony isn't trying to push this as hard as they can considering how great the concept is.

I think Sony should give Playstation Plus members 30 days to try out the game to spread the word. In fact, All PSN members should get to try this game for 30 days considering that you can't rent it since its subscription based.

@Disagrees- So you don't think PSN members should get to try out the game for 30 days? If its as good as Sony says it is, then people will HAPPILY pay $15 a month for it right? What could you possibly have against that?

Chaostar2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Every copy of the game comes with 30 days free play, plenty of time to gauge whether you'd like to continue with a subscription or not.

edit: which explains the dissagrees... well... that and you're a well known 360 troll.

FailOverHero2889d ago

Can I return the game after the initial 30 for my money then? No. I'm stuck with a game which I cannot play if I don't pay the sub. Something they should have mentioned. This is not Sony's fault, it's the retailers

The_Count2889d ago

If it's clearly lableed on the box then fine. If it's tiny small writing then they are ripping the consumer off. You can't expect everyone to be up to date with the gaming news. I would be pretty pissed to buy , not rent' a game like DC only to find I will have to pay additional money.

BlackTar1872889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

It says it on the box i know i have it. People need to pay attn. to what there buying. Its such a common theme now adays that people just play ignorence and expect others to compensate them for it.

Also MMO's and monthly fees basically go hand and hand. I understand i cant expect people to know that in general but you think if your interested in this game you A. read the box B.did some research on the game if you were so excited for it.

but int he end its clearly written on the box i think on the back of the box as well. So this we didnt know card is the consumers fault.

Chris3992889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

The PS3 version is one of the FEW (possibly only) retail MMOs that I can think of off the top of my head, where you CAN trade it in or give it to a friend after the 30 days are up. The person who inherits it won't get the free time, but they get the physical game. In almost every other case, there is a code that locks that particular software installation to the account of the person who first uses it. Doesn't seem to be the case with DCUO. You aren't aware of this because as usual, you're talking from your &$!

I think it's awesome that you joined (multi, clearly) 11 days ago and have done nothing but troll, keep up the good work /s

zgoldenlionz2889d ago

30 days is way more than enough time to figure out if you want to keep playing, anyways 30 should be enough time to get a character to level 30 cap. im sure that take over 40hours to do probably more, so if you figure 40 hours of gameplay for 60 bucks and the option to continue if you feel the need to try endgame or make a new character for 15 bucks a month.

i think people need to consider the IP this isnt just any new MMO theres going to be tons of MMO regulars that will give this a try and tons of DC Universe fans that will play as well. also SOE stated that they were going to have updates with new content once a month, so im sure it will be tempting to check out the new content.

If youre not interested in checking this out dont buy it. but for me its a lot of fun and thats reason enough to pay the monthly fee.

JackBNimble2889d ago

It's an MMO, the Dev's are always working on updates patches and new content as well as maintaining the servers that is included in the monthly subscription. It's not like you end up having to pay more for any new content.

I would like to see how long any MMO server would be running for with out a monthly subscription.

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Christopher2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Depending on sales, I think at some point we'll see a free download of the game with a 14-day trial or similar down the road. It's SOP for SOE.

As far as having to buy a game and only getting 30-days free, this is standard with MMOs. And, it is on the front of the box.

"Multiplayer Online Only"

"30-Day Subscription Included"

"Broadband Internet Connection & Additional Recurring Subscription Fees Required"

That's more text than PC-only MMO boxes get.

evrfighter2889d ago

wow if console gamers can't see that they deserve to be parted with their cash.

Chris3992889d ago

That the game requires a sub and comes with 30 days free. And lol at all the trolls QQing about a game that they'll never play. Btw the game had a rather successful launch, servers were full last night and it's a blast to play. Shame that the hatrers gotta hate.

ReBurn2889d ago

I picked up a copy for PS3 yesterday and it is clearly marked on the box that the game requires a paid subscription after 30 days.

Caveat emptor. Don't blame retailers if you make an uninformed decision to purchase.

Simon_Brezhnev2889d ago

dead you complain about peopling getting a life and calling dem out on n4g but yet you quick to always be the 1st to topic about PS3 news. You always try to pass off your opinions as facts. Oh you dont have to pm trying to explain yourself.


Okay a few things to clear up.

1 yes I have seen the commercial dozens of times on tv

2 Sony and DC will not let the title do poorly...they know how to do MMO's...Everquest anyone.

3 I think PS+ members should maybe get $5 off but since the game is so stellar I'm totally okay with the $15 a month and remember you dont have to pay if your not going to play...duh.

4 They had a beta for PS+ members that just ended, they gave out tons of beta codes so if you were interested you had plenty of time to try it out.

5 They have a buddy card so if you buy it you can give the card to a friend and can get a chance to play for 10 days free so that way they can decide if it's worth the purchase.

6 Sony is doing everything right with this title and it's getting great reviews, the commercial is on TV all the time and they are giving out buddy cards to let others try it out.

Please look into stuff a little further before posting.

Chris3992889d ago

They'd have nothing to troll about!

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Motorola2889d ago

Not cool Retailers! They should for the typical uninformed consumer that shop for other people.

AssassinHD2889d ago

The typical uninformed consumer should make an effort to be informed.

Motorola2889d ago

You would be surprised how many dont make an effort

IMChampion2889d ago

It's to be expected, they'd rather sell it at full price and give less than half the value for a trade in. Either way they win, very crude and unprofessional business manner.

Well, back to playing some DCU on the ole PS3.

Drekken2889d ago

Buyer beware.

^ People spend money on stuff without research, I can't feel bad for them.

BlackTar1872889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Thank you and its not liek its not on the box. We expect retailers to be like hey just in case you picked this game up and didn't read the cover the back or did any research on it but closing your eyes and picking it up off the shelves that there is a monthly fee.

I would think the consumer being a mother going to the store because the kid requested would have to read the box at least enough to verify there getting the right game. I know when i used to ask my mom for NES games she would read the box to make sure it was appropriate and the right game.

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