GTA V: What It Needs To Be The Best Yet

NowGamer reckons GTA V will be announced this year. Here is what it needs to do to be the best in the series.

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Feckles2926d ago

I think that Los Angeles – or Los Santos – is the most likely location for the next GTA. It was my favourite part of San Andreas too. Can't wait to find out more.

fail0verflow2926d ago

I want next to be in San Adreas

anthraxCZ2926d ago

hell yeah, just imagine san andreas in gta iv engine :) it would totally satisfy me :)

renegade2926d ago

@anthrax euphoria engine is awesome piece of job...

pimpmaster2926d ago

you guys forget ALL R* games come with a mandatory delay. shure itll be announced this year but will be delayed 2 times after its announced.

The Meerkat2926d ago

They are too big.

But with GLASGOW, they could accurately map the whole city.

And it has a tough history of gang and sectarian violence.

badboy8082926d ago

PS3 exclusive take advantage of Blu-Ray!!!!!!!!

Feckles2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Xbox 360 version to come on 10 DVDs.

FailOverHero2926d ago

And be sub HD?? Have no foilage? Lower frame rate?? Like Red Dead Redemption?

SCARE-KRO2926d ago

If it was a PS3 exclusive, it would use an engine optimized for the PS3 and wouldn't have to be held back by using an engine that would run on the 360 AND the PS3.

Azianphil882926d ago

that would be crazy if its a PS3 exclusive

Hellsvacancy2926d ago

It needs to be fun fun fun

TimmyShire2926d ago

I agree, I like fun, fun, fun.

KingPin2926d ago

agreed!! it needs to be as fun as the ORIGINAL gta. the graphics were for sh!t but the gameplay, man, i burned hours in that game. the over-the-top-ness of that game was just plain ridiculous. thats what GTA is about. not this realistic, simulated gta crap we have nowdays.

ThatArtGuy2926d ago

Saint's Row II is waiting for you.

Feckles2926d ago

Don't start that one again! No to Neo-Tokyo!

iceman062926d ago

Tokyo would be cool...BUT they would have to one-up the Yakuza series in terms of locations. Those are pretty good representations (although fictional) of real life locations. Plus, I can hear the throngs of people claiming that Rockstar is stealing idea or some such nonsense. I say they either re-trace some footsteps with Vice City, San Andreas, or even London...or do something completely new to all of us...maybe GTA Nepal!!! okay maybe not!

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The story is too old to be commented.