Debut Warriors: Legends of Troy English Language Screenshots Revealed

Tecmo Koei Europe has released the official debut English language screenshots for their upcoming release, Warriors: Legends of Troy, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. From the creators of Dynasty Warriors, this latest release is built upon the same engine. Already enjoying success in Japan, Warriors: Legends of Troy was showcased for the first time in the UK at the 2010 London MCM Expo. From what has been revealed thus far, this is a hack ‘n slash game that doesn’t hold back on the gore.

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TANUKI2836d ago

I was excited for this game way back, but after seeing how stiff the gameplay is, I'm really hesitant now.

I know I shouldn't be comparing this to Sengoku Basara 3, but man, Troy looks SO SLUGGISH....

Spenok2835d ago

Lol this comment were pretty much my words before i put them down. Its unfortunate really.