Catherine Trailer 5 Puts Japanese Men in The Doghouse

Hell Descent: The 5th trailer for Catherine has been released, and it’s filled with more and more content. Unlike the past trailers, minus the 4th, the Catherine trailers revealed no gameplay. But like the previous this one shows some more climbing gameplay as well as cutscenes. Giant symbolic monsters, scantily clad women and sheep people are all here.

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2889d ago
Tuxedo_Mask2889d ago

I'm still hoping that this game comes West. Who said that Japanese developers were finished?

dgroundwater2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

At first I didn't think so either, but other people I talked to seem to believe it will.

Nothing official, but apparently Persona fans have faith that I'm not sure about. This game looks like a huge TRIP and I want to play it pretty badly.

Apotheosize2889d ago

well since theres an xbox 360 version id say it will def come here

SuperLupe2889d ago

Got this game on my radar, really looking forward to it. Something original with a good twisted story.

VenomProject2889d ago

I'm not trolling or anything, but what's the appeal?

I'm one the biggest horror game enthusiasts on this planet, I don't get it...Someone enlighten me.

Again, not trolling, give me a real answer.

Neckbear2889d ago

'Tis a puzzle platformer about the nightmareish representations of a guy's feelings, while he's in middle of a love triangle. Add to that real threat of dying, and some psychological torture against the poor guy.

...Have you ever heard of another videogame doing that?

It LOOKS interesting, that's all the appeal I see on this game. It's unlike anything you've seen before, at least in a videogame.

'Sides, the gameplay looks pretty cool.

VenomProject2889d ago

It does LOOK interesting, I'll give it that. I just wonder how all of those elements will mesh together...

Arsenic132889d ago

Like Neckbear said. It's highly original, thats why people like it. Deadly premonition was amazing in my book as well, and it didn't sell everyone.

GigaGaia2889d ago

No matter how I look at it, this game is definetely weird.

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