3D Mark 11: An Exclusive Interview With Futuremark Studios (GamingBolt)

GamingBolt: "Your PC’s performance is determined by the interactions between different hardware components, the operating system and the type and amount of software running. A benchmark provides a set of performance tests that can be repeated with a high degree of accuracy on a wide range of computer hardware. 3DMark 11 is the latest version of the world’s most popular benchmark for measuring the graphics performance of gaming PCs. We recently got a chance to sit with Ilkka Koho, 3DMark 11 Product Manager and Jaakko Haapasalo, Director of Futuremark Games Studio and talk about 3D Mark 11. It’s a pretty interesting read and we touch a lot of points on PC gaming. Do read it till the end."

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Xfanboy2888d ago

Thay need to make more games!! & push graphics!! Benchmarks are not so important to me!