The Art of BlazBlue

As a development studio, Arc System Works has long been known for its ability to vividly depict wild and imaginative characters on-screen. Be it in short animated sequences or in the middle of a dramatic round of combat, the art team at Arc Systems Works has always been ahead of the curve. The infamous Guilty Gear series set the scene for some of the most stunning 2D artwork the videogames industry has ever seen, and this year the BlazBlue franchise crashed onto videogames consoles in Europe, proving not only that 2D games still held a place on the current-generation hardware, but that they could shine just as brightly as any 3D attempts to recreate real-life.

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knifefight2838d ago

Just got this for PS3 over the holidays. Fun game.

Warprincess1162838d ago

lol i bet some of you guys
thought you were gonna see half-naked
anime girls when you clicked on the link.

Quagmire2838d ago

This coming from someone who has a pic of a half-naked Twi-fag as their avatar.

AssassinHD2838d ago

I am not going to lie. It crossed my mind.

Baka-akaB2838d ago

For some think related to a game with such gorgeous art , you really picked crap (worse fanart crap) for the headline pic

kevco332838d ago

It's not fanart! This image is included on the BlazBlue 2011 calendar!

Acquiescence2838d ago

Haha, nah just kidding.

*shifty eyes*

Redempteur2838d ago

Boobs and blushing girls .. it was all to help this getting approved faster !!

kevco332838d ago

Phht... You obviously haven't read the reports on this article! This was the third (and tamest) image I used!

Baka-akaB2838d ago

it certainly isnt the first image that pop when you seek blazblue art at the very least .

You werent searching for tame art

Redempteur2838d ago


no i didn't

because i read the reports when i have something to report

i have nothing against some litchi - taokaka "artwork" i just don't remember this picture from the gallery mode of both games OR the official manga

midgard2272838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

um baka that is official art lol, u shud see the crazy offical art they have for the game, rachel grabbing noels breasts, both in lingerie, and a bunch of other wierd kinky ones. just that they are in japan artbooks and calendars only

example attatched below

Baka-akaB2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

i've read his post . Didnt notice when i only got the art featured in games (with still some ecchi stuff mind you) . besides it's quite ugly and generic compared to most of the art of the game

But that's not my second point in the second post . He could have easily pick anything else among Blazblue art beyond that . It's no wonder some reported , it's done for hits