Alan Wake 2 to use Windows Phone 7?

EG: The way Remedy's talking, Alan Wake 2 could have some nifty Windows Phone 7 crossover going on.That's assuming of course that the studio's next big console project is Alan Wake 2, and that Microsoft dictates that Windows Phone 7 be used and not iPhone.

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Pixel_Enemy3021d ago

I am happy to hear that they are making a second Alan Wake. I still need to finish playing the first one!

darthv723020d ago

There have been a few other games with console-portable connectivity but just not at the ratio I would expect. I actually like it if there is some special interaction between the console version of a game and its handheld counterpart.

More games need the type of link like windwaker had with the gba and resistance for the psp had with the ps3. Those are just a couple but I wish there really were more.

DS and wii were supposed to get cross play games or at least be able to unlock bonus stuff in one from having played the other. If MS is making AW2 and will have some type of link up to a WP7 then count me in. Need to get a WP7 first.

DarkBlood3020d ago

no indication of a ps3 version looks like it will go alongside my 360 collection along with the first, such a good game with a looping ending twist

Acquiescence3020d ago

I enjoyed the game, but it's not exactly associated with success is it, at least from a commercial standpoint. If Microsoft are willing to give Remedy a second chance on the series though, that's good I guess.

Can't help but wish Remedy would buy the rights to Max Payne back from Rockstar though, and give us the proper third game we all crave.

Kran3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Thats what I thought... :/

Still. A sequel would bring so much joy.

Ginbe3020d ago ShowReplies(3)
TheCagyDies3020d ago

One more achievement to get argggg

Kran3020d ago

which one is that? I have all 1500G :D

Mcardle3020d ago

The second round of dlc achievements drove me crazy, the one where you couldn't die- It would come to the jumping from Household appliances part and I just couldn't make it through without falling into the abyss. Eventually got it though.

TheCagyDies3020d ago

This is the achievement that I am taking about.

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