A New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Challenger Enters The Ring

The Luchadora seen in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 teaser trailer is a brand new character. A snippet from Famitsu introduces her and reveals her name. Depending on how you read the katakana it could be J.C. or Jaycee.

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killcycle3023d ago

Thats Armour Kings wifey right there

darkdoom30003023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

The new character has the same necklace as julia chang, so I suspect it's michelle, It was revealed in someones T5(or6) intro that julia was friends with king.

EDIT: Yep. name is J.C/Jaycee = Julia Chang.

killcycle3022d ago

Jesus nice solve!

You smart mo'fo! bubbles!

seraphcaeli3023d ago

Female King. Finally. I'm going to play the sh!t out of her. I love the wrestling style.

Ratchet5103023d ago

DOA will always be better because it is faster, smoother, loose combat instead of stiff. tekken is a good game but DOA better i can say more reasons why it is better.

darkdoom30003023d ago

I like tekken because of its massive characterlist and that each character is unique. Even similar characters like king and armour king dont play the same.

And limb corrosponding buttons. Plus DOA has been basically dissolved into beach volleyball minigames.

Quagmire3022d ago

replace the letter S with R, andf the second O with a C


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