Gran Turismo 5 – Best Driving Game Ever. Worst Racing Game Ever

While GT5 may be the best racing simulator available on the market right now it's racing side leaves a lot to be desired thanks to a very shoddy racing system, some atrocious A.I and some very very stupid decisions from Polyphony Digital

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WobblyOnion2931d ago

I could not agree with this more. It's both an incredible game, and a terrible one at the same time.

granthinds2931d ago

I tried to say this in my review of the game. I don't think people fully understand the point being made because they're so blinded by their love of the series. Well done. I hope it hits home and gets developers world wide to spend more attention to the title as a whole and not rely and the IP's popularity.

RedDragan2931d ago

I can't see where the hate is coming from if I am honest.

What is so bad about the AI for instance? They don't mindelessly ram you out of the way if you are in a slower car... they instead overtake you. I know a certain other game that recieved far higher scores that has AI which pushes you off the track because you are on the racing line but that game is considered to have better AI. I shall not name it as we all know what game I am talking about.

I suppose the reviewers are 13 year old kids who think it is funny to ruin others gaming experiences online because they believe the correct way to race is to ram other people?!

Or am I a fanboy for thinking that ramming is cheap tactic that has no place in a simulation? Please send your answers on a postcard.

UnwanteDreamz2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )


Some people are not blinded but impressed with the game. Plenty of fans of the GT series admit GT5 could be better. Your arguement suggests that to have a high opinion of GT5 you must be a blind fankid.

If that is indeed the point you are trying to make than I have to say that I think it is ignorant and closed minded. I have played most of the "racing" games to come out this gen. IMO GT5 stands above the rest when looking at the game as a whole.

Sure some games do more in certain areas but that doesn't make them better overall games.

Venatus-Deus2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I'm on level 23 and some fair points in there.

I'd also have liked to have seen some of the regulations from the licenses in there for races that contain at least 5 laps in A-Spec. (no corner cutting or impacting other cars)

and no tuning cars in A-spec, because let’s face it half the races aren’t competitive and you blast past the opposition

Night and weather A-spec races.

However… GT5 really shines when you take you dream car on the Nurburg and just drive. Then it’s the best racing game… ever. Period.

ambientFLIER2931d ago

"I know a certain other game that recieved far higher scores that has AI which pushes you off the track because you are on the racing line but that game is considered to have better AI."

Fair comparison videos have proved that Forza 3's and GT5's AI were basically identical as far as overtaking and pushing the player out of the way in certain situations.

acedoh2931d ago

I am very impressed with GT5. It has been a long time since I have played a game like this. It's not perfect but it is excellent. I am level 30 and slowly working through the endurance races. Many of the races are easy and I do with they had difficulty levels for those who wanted something a bit more difficult. The GT Formula Championship is one of the hardest series of races I have ever experienced.

RedDragan2930d ago

"Fair comparison videos have proved that Forza 3's and GT5's AI were basically identical as far as overtaking and pushing the player out of the way in certain situations."

What the comparison didn't show was the situation where you are on the driving line on a straight, and the car behind would ram into the back of you and force you into a spin even though it had several seconds to consider a take over on the said straight. GT5 doesn't do this.

If that ramming was done in real life the driver would be banned from motorsport for the rest of his/her life.

Reviewers never marked that down in Forza 3, why should they mark down GT5?

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Boody-Bandit2931d ago

I'm surpirsed WobblyOnion agrees with his sites article. Shocking indeed.

Agree all you like with what ever you like. It doesn't deter from the fact that GT5 is an amazing title and probably the best wheel game I have played this generation on any console.

Shadow Flare2931d ago

*siren alarms*

He said GT5 has atrocious AI. Guess he didn't see that video which shows it doesnt.

Ognipode2931d ago

I didn't know that Internet videos were taken as the truth these days. How about the video that show it does? It's also an Internet video, so it must also be true

Shadow Flare2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Because the video I'm refering to debunks the video which showed GT5 as having bad AI as a fake. And the video I'm refering to is linked below for you.

granthinds2931d ago

Make statements like that, then please include links :) Thanks!

DelbertGrady2931d ago

Here are a couple of internet videos that show crazy physics glitches in GT5. Does that mean that the physics in GT5 suck, Shadow Flare?

Venatus-Deus2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )


Thats not really the point he was making was it?

The video is about AI.

Both Forza and GT5 have glitches just like most games.

Boody-Bandit2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Delbert (AKA Troll)
We could list dozens of glitches by the competitors sim equivalent but then we wouldn't want our post to be marked as trolling like yours is now.

On topic:
These little blogging sites or main gaming sites can write what ever they choose. It does not change the fact the GT5 is an amazing sim racing game. Calling it a driving game only proves how little they know about gaming in general.

Go to any PC sim racing site, and other than PC elitist snobs that wont admit any console game of any kind is good, the majority of them they hands down say GT5 is the best sim racer on a console.

Dasteru2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

@BrutallyHonest So then i'll assume you're saying polyphony digital doesn't know gaming in general or even there own game? Not sure if you have noticed GT5's case or not but it says the real DRIVING simulator, it mentions nothing of racing. Also the article you so enjoy insulting never said the game in general was bad, to the contrary the writer actually said he liked the game but simply pointed out certain flaws with it. By downplaying what was said in it and insulting the article you only go to prove his point about people fanboyishly defending the game and refusing to accept its faults, it is infact you who fails to understand gaming in general.

I agree with the points made about AI, in my experience (especially with the license tests) IA-10 for example i had to retry nearly 50 times because from what i can tell the game not only has lousy AI there, It actually has NO AI at all. it appears to have a predefined NV racing line around the track that the other cars follow to the mm whether you are in the way or not. probably close to half of the 50 or so times i tried IA-10 i had been disqualified because another car decided it would be funny to ram me into a wall during a tight low speed turn, and i end up getting DQ'd for it. yet outside of licenses there are no regulations at all and believe it or not cars actually do try to avoid/pass you. Makes me wonder why PD decided to make the licenses a giant game of bumper cars.

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FailOverHero2931d ago

Video? Video? Are you hearing yourself? Why watch a video when PLAYING THE FREAKING GAME shows it has dumb AI?
*brand loyalty to a fault facepalm*
Did you even think before posting that shadowflare? I'm WOWed by how incredibly serious you sound...tell me you're being sarcastic

Shadow Flare2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

WATCH the video, then change your underwear

It's an 11 minute long DETAILED ANALYSIS of the AI

Watch the whole video. If you still have an issue, then tell me.

PS. I have the game, which is why I'm defending the AI

saint_john_paul_ii2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Because those who played it knows that it doesn't have dumb ai, and those who refuse to play it due to their fanboyism need a video to kick in reality in their heads.

Im at level 14 already and the game's AI doesn't sleep on you.

FailOverHero2931d ago

Chang my underwear?? What are you 9? That would actually make sense because I cannot believe that ANYBODY with a mature brain can say WATCH this YouTube VIDEO, it proves. . .instead of saying play the game it proves. . .
Hundreds of sites have reported(by playing and not watching) that the game has some pretty stupid AI, you even admit to this at the post below, one YouTube video is not proof of anything...
"11 minute detailed analysis...". . .on YouTube, lol kids these days

hay2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

@FailOverHero: You're disrespecting the video as a valid source of information yet you use imaginary hundreds of sites reporting bad AI without even playing the game. Otherwise you'd say: "yeah, played the game, AI sucks".

I played the game quite a lot, AI doesn't handle well when collision occurs, but other than that it's far from brain dead.

solsub2931d ago

"Hundreds of sites" was only a select few. If you actually played the game, you'd see that the YouTube video that ShadowFlare posted holds credence.

"lol kids these days" indeed.

Motorola2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

@Failoverhero How is the youtube video not proof -__- lol "kids these days" ;D works both ways mate. Also dont take it so seriously we know your a 10 day old account but your acting like a 10 year old

Ultraplayerxp2931d ago

Maybe play the game first man, then make a comment. I'm level 17 A-spec right now and the AI is really starting to pick up in the difficulty, forcing me to drive almost perfectly for every race.

Venatus-Deus2931d ago

GT5 has various problems... AI is not one of them.

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TheFreak2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Shadow Flare is right maybe you guys should play the game before talking?

I am lvl 23 a-spec lvl 3 b-spec btw

starcb262931d ago

Can you give me a link to the video? I think I know what video you're talking about but i'm not quite sure.

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samuraiX2931d ago

The Ai in GT5 is the same level as any other racing simulator,this guy who wrote the article needs to play other racing simu on the PC like Rfactor and LFS

the AI in GT5 is good

GavinMannion2931d ago

Just because it's as good as any other racing sim doesn't make it good.. it just makes the rest of the games just as bad.

Shadow Flare2931d ago

Aka, GT5 does no worse then any other racer in terms of AI and should therefore never be singled out as having "atrocious AI"

Thanks for playing

GavinMannion2931d ago

Of course it can and when Forza 4,5,6,7 etc come out they will most probably get the same treatment until the level of AI in racing games comes of age.

Nothing is immune to criticism.

callahan092931d ago

If the rest of the games are "just as bad" then why is GT5 the "worst racing game ever"?

FailOverHero2931d ago

AKA? Anyway if I'm a murderous scumbag(dumb AI) and all the other prison inmates(other racing games) are (with dumb AI)murderous scumbags, does that make me less of a murderous scumbag?
No it doesn't. There are plenty of other games, even if they are in other genres(although I do not subscribe to the belief that GT5 AI is on par with other racers) that have great AI so therefore as a GAME, it can be singled out for dumb AI
Thanx for inviting me(to play)

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Ognipode2931d ago

I disagree wholeheartedly, I have played dozens of racing games with better AI

RedDragan2931d ago

And yet you chose to not list any of them. Suspicious.

UnwanteDreamz2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

@ FailOver

Straw man fallacy try again. BTW you haven't played the game so your opinion is based off of the opinions of others? Tell me, what do you base your opinion off of.

If you have played the game I would like to know at what point you decided it was so bad.

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