Killzone 3 Epic New gameplay Footage

With a look at the new Menu for the final build

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ps3rider3021d ago

this site love to use EPIC, Stunning etc.

i love killzone, to the third one

kx113021d ago

KZ3 puts Epic in shooters ,

captain-obvious3021d ago

i hope that GG still got things that they didn't show us
i feel that i saw alot

ComboBreaker3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

to indicate who's currently talking. Sometimes, I can't tell if Sev is talking, my partner is talking, or the captain is talking from some far away places.

For example, sometimes, I would hear, "You, follow me." And I turn around and everyone are already dispursing and I didn't see who had said it and I am standing there thinking who said it and trying to figure out who to follow. It would be nice to have some kind of indicator to show who is currently talking.

kancerkid3021d ago

I have never played any of the games in this series, but it looks as like the end product of Halo and Battlefield Bad Company mating.

To those of you who have played it, would that be a correct characterization?

ForceCSW3021d ago

It's definitely got a lot of Battlefield in it but I wouldn't say so much Halo. It's slower paced than both those games. Its really got a feel quite like its own. Very gritty and chaotic.

deafwing3021d ago

yea, kinda like the fact that kz has different feel; there are so many shooters that essentially, look, feel, and function the same since the days of Doom and Quake ... my how far we've come.

NeoTribe3020d ago

Kancerkid, id say your right on with that assumption. Its alot like bad company with the action and gameplay and kinda like halo considering its alittle scifi.

Theonetheonly3020d ago

Dude i think its the contrast that does it for this game.


makes it look all stylized 'N' Jazz

other than that i see low poly models.

great colors tho.

GREAT colors to break the 2 tone contrast.

very interesting indeed

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Leio3021d ago

The scale of this level is insane i hope all other will be in the same standard :O

jriquelme_paraguay3021d ago

"EPIC" word love to be next to Killzone

DingDangDoo3021d ago

This game doesnt deserve to be in the same price range as Call Of Duty.

This looks AMAZING....

Call_me_Ishmael3021d ago

goddamn,im gonna play the campaign non stop repeatedly for so long until my pubic hair touch my ankles

S1nnerman3021d ago

That is a funny yet disturbing image I now have in my head lol

Ascalon943020d ago

damn i feel sorry for you if u must constantly shave your pubes

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